“When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.” — John F. Kennedy

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Subject matter is unlimited, but poetry featuring or specific to Whatcom County and issues addressed by Whatcom Watch (government, the environment and media) will likely get first preference.

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by Sheila Sondik

just before sunset
on Bellingham Bay
one hundred and twenty-six coal cars


Sheila Sondik is a poet and visual artist inspired by Chinese and Japanese art forms. After 11 years, her love affair with Whatcom County only deepens.

The Question

by Everett James

What are we, Humanity: Question and Answer collude
Of all the creatures on this earth, the Question begs but one
What are we, Humanity?
Upon the land and sky and sea, the Question seeks eternally
What are we, Humanity? And why do we ponder alone?
The Question is conspicuous; its Answer never shown
So on and on the world turns and Question multiplies
Why can’t we find the Answer?
God gave us two good eyes!
The lonely Question screams
The Question is Humanity, the Answer but a dream

Everett James is a twenty-year Bellingham resident and Fairhaven College graduate. He has published one novella: “Back to Monte Cristo: The Adventures of Chance Mabry” (Village Books).



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