Beaks and Bills

  August 2023

Back to California

by Joe Meche Since we’re always ready for a good road trip, an invitation to my nephew’s 60th birthday celebration was an excellent excuse to pack our bags and roll! Our destination would once again be Dillon Beach, California. It’s … Continue reading

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  July 2023

Back to the Eastside

by Joe Meche *Author’s note: We are in the process of relocating our base camp after 25 years. If you’ve ever moved, you can understand the logistics involved … the least of which is shutting down and reconnecting with the … Continue reading

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  June 2023

A Springtime Loop

by Joe Meche The sweet spot at the end of April and the beginning of May is prime time to schedule ambitious and dedicated road trips. With Cindy jetting off to the Greek Islands for 10 days, I decided to … Continue reading

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  May 2023

Make Way for the Migrants

by Joe Meche The Nesting Season Is Here! After what seems to have been a winter that would never end, there are signs everywhere that we might be on the way to better weather. Tulips and crocuses are peaking in … Continue reading

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  April 2023

Spring Is Shorebird Time

by Joe Meche When the calendar flips from March into April, it’s our cue to start watching all of our local shorelines and even a few agricultural fields for migrating shorebirds! The sheer numbers of these unique birds that migrate … Continue reading

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  March 2023

Onward to the Equinox

by Joe Meche Cindy and I have lived here for a combined total of 98 years and we can’t think of anyplace we’d rather be. However, this winter has encouraged us to consider our options. Maybe it’s a part of … Continue reading

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  February 2023

Waiting for Spring

by Joe Meche Looking back to the snow and ice-related chaos over the Christmas holidays, it was difficult to imagine how far away spring was. The heavy snowfall was unexpected and caught most of us off guard, especially the freeze/thaw … Continue reading

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  February 2023

Birding Festival 2023              

by Joe Meche Wings Over Water     March 17-19, Blaine, WA   As it was with so many things the Covid-19 pandemic forced widespread delays and changes in plans for millions of people, not the least of which was the … Continue reading

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  January 2023

Of Birds and Bird-Watchers

by Joe Meche As fascinated as any behavioral anthropologist might be, I am always interested in origins and personal stories of how we all came to be and eventually evolved into who or what we are today. One special niche … Continue reading

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  December 2022

Winter Birding

by Joe Meche It goes without saying that the November rains and colder temps heralded a most dramatic shift from fall into early winter. It’s the seasonal transition that you should be used to if you’ve lived in the Pacific … Continue reading

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