Whatcom County Council

Action Taken at July 10, 2018 Meeting

Shall the council:
107. Make initial appointments to the Whatcom County Business and Commerce Advisory Committee? The committee was created at the 5/22/2018 meeting, vote #86. It will advise the County Council on regulations and policies that impact local businesses, industry and/or economic development in the county. It will be composed of 15 members serving four year terms. Appointed: Bob Pritchett (information technology), Drew Zogby (manufacturing), Doug Thomas (food processing), Casey Diggs (retail), Paul Burill (marine trades), Pete Dawson (commercial real estate), Brad Rader (agriculture), Andrew Gamble (energy), Ryan Allsop and Troy Muljat (other) and Susan Cole and Jeff Callender (higher education). The recreation position remains vacant. (AB2018-132B)

108. Authorize the executive to choose between sites B and D for storage lockers? Safe Storage PNW provides a support program and outdoor storage lockers to safely store personal belongings for people experiencing homelessness. Locker users will have a personal key code and 24-hour access to their belongings. This pilot project, run by the Bellingham non-profit BasicsPNW, was started in 2016. Five locations were identified as possible locations for the storage lockers. Four of the locations are near the Courthouse and one in the Civic Center Annex lot. (AB2018-139) Approved 5-1, Todd Donovan opposed, Timothy Ballou absent.

109. Authorize the executive to award the only bid of $581,512 to Foss Maritime Company for the annual drydocking, repair and maintenanace of the Lummi Island ferry? The engineer’s estimate was $641,610. Four shipyards attended a pre-bid meeting. The drydocking is anticipated to take up to 21 days, from September 6 through September 28, 2018. (AB2018-203) Approved 6-0, Timothy Ballou absent.

110. Authorize the executive to sign a $1,600,000 loan/grant agreement with the Whatcom County PUD #1 for the Grandview/I-5 Northgate water pipeline project? The council approved the Economic Development Investment program loan of $800,000 and grant of $800,000 at the 6/5/2018 meeting. The pipeline will conect the PUD’s water line to the fire service system at the Grandview, Northgate, I-5 and Delta Tech industrial parks and allow new building and expansion of existing building. It will also improve habitat in the California Creek drainage. The total cost of the project is $2,700,000. (AB2018-204) Approved 6-0, Timothy Ballou absent.

111. Authorize the executive to sign a $100,000 services agreement with the Opportunity Council for the 22 North housing development project? The money will be used for security camera coverage, site access features and durable solid surfaces at the 40-unit apartment building that will provide affordable, permanent supportive housing for individuals experiencing homelessness together with behavioral and other health problems. The contract expires on 6/30/2019. (AB2018-205) Approved 6-0, Timothy Ballou absent.

112. Authorize the executive to sign the Kane County, Utah v. United States class action opt-in notice form? The lawsuit seeks to recover monies that the court has determine the federal government owes counties for the underpayment of the payment in lieu of taxes [PILT Act] for 2015, 2016 and/or 2017. The PILT Act payment is made to compensate for some or all of the property tax revenue lost due to land owned by the federal government. (AB2018-202) Approved 6-0, Timothy Ballou absent.

113. Authorize the executive to appropriate $425,000 in real estate excise taxes to the Opportunity Council for the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center? The county had the 12,000 square foot structure built in 2010/2011 at an estimated cost of $6 million. The Opportunity Council has raised $2,075,000 for the expansion estimated to cost $2,387,336. The expansion will provide areas for: storage and distribution capacity for the Foothills Food Bank, indoor/outdoor youth recreation, community events, and the Columbia Valley Farmer’s Market. AB2018-131 (Resolution 2018-025) Substitute approved 6-0, Timothy Ballou absent.

114. Prohibit parking within 10 feet of U.S. mailboxes on all Whatcom County roads? The county has received numerous complaints from citizens who have been unable to receive mail because their mailboxes have been blocked by parked vehicles. AB2018-200 (Ordinance 2018-040) Approved 6-0, Timothy Ballou absent.

Action Taken at July 24, 2018 Meeting

Shall the council:
115. Authorize the executive to accept a $348,076 state grant (amendment #1) from the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families? The grant will fund home visits and other pregnancy-support services by the Nurse-Family Partnership to low-income, high-risk families in the county. The country first received a state grant to implement services for low-income first time mothers at the 8/7/2012 meeting, vote #140. The program matches each family with a nurse to provide support. The total amended grant is $683,601 and expires on 6/30/2019. (AB2018-218) Approved 7-0

116. Authorize the executive to award the low bid to seven companies for rental equipment? The rentals will be made on an as-needed basis, the selection based on availability and suitability. The bid award for each vendor will not exceed $100,000. The list of low bidders: United Rentals of Bellingham, S&S Rentals of Everson, Herc Rentals of Bellingham, Star Rentals of Ferndale, Birch Equipment of Bellingham, PacWest Machinery of Kent and NW Heavy Equipment Repair of Bellingham. (AB2018-219) Approved 7-0

117. Authorize the prosecuting attorney’s office to spend $96,996 or a two-year contract/subscription with West Publishing for proprietry legal materials? West Publishing, a division of Thomson Reuters Inc. a Canadian corporation, has been designated as a sole source provider for web-based, legal research since 2004. Content includes: Washington Practice, Annotated Revised Code of Washington, Washington Digest, Pacific Reporter and McQuillin Municipal Corporations. The expiration date is 7/31/2020. (AB2018-220) Approved 7-0

118. Establish a level of service for the Lummi Island ferry system? A Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee was established at the 2/14/2012 meeting, vote #31, to review ferry operations and make recommendations since both the ferry and terminal facilities were approaching the end of service life as mandated by Washington State Ferries. This vote approves the level of service action plan proposed by the advisory committee. AB2018-173A (Resolution 2018-026) Approved 7-0

119. Adopt interim zoning regulations for the siting, establishment, and operation of temporary homeless facilities? At the 6/24/2018 meeting, vote #106, the council adopted emergency (60 day) regulations for temporary tent encampments. It expired on 8/18/2018. This vote is for a one-year, it allows temporary “tent” encampments and temporary “tiny house” encampments. The ordinance allows for tents or other temporary structures such as “tiny homes” to reside on land owned or leased by sponsoring state or federal not-for-profit organization. Requirements for the temporary encampments include: the establishment of a 20-foot buffer from adjoining property; a restriction on siting within critical areas designated under Whatcom County Code; fencing and lighting requirements; maximum resident capacities; parking requirements; age restrictions; written code of conduct requirements; transit access requirements; requirements for toilet facilities and potable water provision; requirements for waste management and collection; limitations on tent/structure size; requirements for restoration of the site to the original condition; and application and permitting requirements. AB2018-182A (Ordinance 2018-041) Adopted 7-0

120. Establishing the Swift Creek Sediment Management Fund and authorize $1 million for first and second tasks? This multiyear project begins the long-term management of Swift Creek sediment. The creek contains naturally occurring asbestos that continually comes off Sumas Mountain. During flooding, Swift Creek can transport asbestos laden sediment down the creek and into the Sumas River posing health risks. The sediment can be deposited on channel banks and floodplains within Whatcom County and conveyed into Canada. This phase will include preliminary design of the sediment traps and debris flow levee, alternatives analysis of the sediment basins, final design of the sediment traps and debris flow levee, preliminary design of the sediment basins, obtaining the necessary permits and completing the environmental review. The state has allocated $4 million for the project. AB2018-208 (Ordinance 2018-042) Adopted 7-0

121. Amend the 2018 budget (request #9) in the amount $2,014,284? Appropriate: $50,000 for electronic monitoring by District Court probation; $186,558 to fund a buildable lands program (the state allocated $225,000 to Whatcom County to fund the program); $50,000 for implementation of pre-trial risk assessment by Superior Court; $127,726 to fund the Opportunity Council public services program; $1,600,000 for the loan/grant to the PUD #1 Grandview water project (for more info see the 7/10/2018 meeting, vote #110). AB2018-209 (Ordinance 2018-043) Adopted 7-0

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