Trumpeter Nest

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Blue Heron Circle

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Eric and Susan Hirst

Bald Eagle Roost

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The Balfour Family
Everybody’s Store *
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Sandpiper Trace
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Jean Cassill
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Dempsey Family
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John and Kim Erickson
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Milt and Judy Kriger
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Rory and Lauralee McLeod
Marcia and John McWilliams
Mac Medic*
Barbara Matilsky/Jyoti Duwadi
Susan Mishalani
Chris Noell/Maryanne Godfrey
Lynne Pendleton
Pogo Zone/Open Access
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The Rofkar Family
Margot Schenet
Preston Schiller
Sheila Sondik and Paul Sarvasy
Kevin Covey and Sarah Spotts
Jim and Peggy Stewart
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Robert Bates/Kathy Veterane
John Whitmer
David Lynn Wise
Ursula and Andrew Zvilna

*Whatcom County Business

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Appliance Depot
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Vincute Biciunas
Thomas Brakke
Edwin and Linda Brown
Beth and Jerry Brownfield
Bob Burr
Joanne and Willis Cady
Prentice and Lee Cole
Richard Conoboy
David and Judith Culver
Colleen Curtis/Dan Dalley
Robert and Dorothy Davis
Dempsey Family
Ryan Drum
Lorraine Dukes
John and Kim Erickson
Esther Faber
J. Kaye and Mollie Faulkner
Jayne/Bill Freudenberger
M. E. Goodyear
N. Flournoy and L. Hearne
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James Johnson/Marilyn Kenny
Mira and Ray Kamada
Tom Goetzel and Rainbow Koehl
Billie Lauerman
Merrill and Lorene Lewis
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Lummi Island Conservancy
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Jon Martin
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Patricia Otto
Frank Loulan and Richard Peance-Moses
Becky Pillai
Steve and Karen Powers
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