Whatcom Watch thanks all of our advertisers for supporting the publication.

Existing advertisers (before 2016) keep the rates they initially started with as our “loyalty supporters.” Keep in mind, loyalty supporters will lose that rate if they stop advertising without expressing an intention to start again at a given time. In other words, they may suspend their advertising temporarily by giving us a re-starting date and not lose their old rates, but if they stop without a restarting date they will forfeit their rate and then if they start again it will be at the new rate.

We welcome new supporters in 2017! Contact Whatcom Watch to express interest and we will get back to you! Email:

Members of Sustainable Connections receive a 10% discount on advertising.

Whatcom Watch is open to considering advertising trades.

For political advertisers, we require at least a 50% payment in advance for any ad costing $100 or more, payable using cash or check.

Other Whatcom Watch advertisers will be offered a 5% discount for payment in advance.

Overdue accounts (past 90 days in arrears) will be charged an administration fee of $10 for every invoice that is mailed after 90 days.

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Whatcom Watch Advertising Rates 2-5-17