Please Stay Home!

Dear Watchers,

Our country is so divided, and Covid-19 has contributed to the schism. When we combine politics with science in today’s hyper-partisan environment, we end up with politics winning. That’s deadly in this pandemic.

If the virus were a foreign threat, with enemies sending bombing sorties, and Governor Inslee told us to turn out our lights for blackout protection, halt economic activity, would people be protesting and keeping lights illuminated because they could? Even if it got us killed? I hope not.

I hope we’d agree we have an obligation, working together, to protect our community from this invisible threat. We need to protect each other, one way is to wear a mask in public. Some people think wearing a mask infringes on personal freedom.

Many think the death rate for Covid-19 is not a big deal. They should consider the thousands who “survive” the disease, but will never return to the lives they had.

For example Nick Cordero, a 41-year-old Tony-nominated actor, is struggling with Covid-19. Nick was admitted to the ER; put into a medically induced coma; intubated, ventilated; suffered cardiac arrest requiring resuscitation; suffered multiple mini-strokes, restricted blood flow to the leg; amputation of right leg; sepsis infection; septic shock; fungus causing holes that make his lungs look like a 50-year smoker’s. His 10-month-old son and wife are waiting for any good news. Nick is not out of the woods. It’s too soon the know what his cognitive function will be.

Please stay home, and, if you must go out, wear a mask!

Sheri Lambert

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