Bellingham City Council

Action Taken at February 11, 2019 Meeting

Shall the council:
23. Spend $100,000 to purchase a three-quarter acre property located in the Lake Whatcom Watershed? The Rosalie A. Anderson property is approximately three-quarters of an acre located off Lake Whatcom Blvd, adjacent to city-owned property. The purchase will be made in connection with the Lake Whatcom Watershed Property Acquisition Program in order to help protect the city’s drinking water source. The property is being purchased with money from the water fund (not Greenways). (Discussed in Executive Session) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

24. Approve the mayor’s reappointment of Alfred Arkley to fourth term on the Lake Whatcom Watershed Advisory Board? The board advises the city on the purchase, management, maintenance and use of properties within the Lake Whatcom watershed. Mr. Arkley was initially appointed board at the 3/15/2010 meeting, vote #54, and reappointed at the 2/11/2013 meeting , vote #19, and 2/22,/2016 meeting, vote #32. This board does not have term limits. Mr. Arkley’s fourth term will expire on 2/24/2021, at which time he may be reappointed. (AB22211) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

25. Appropriate $3,522,276.88 for payroll checks issued from January 1 through January 15, 2019? (AB22215) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

26. Appropriate $6923879.62 for goods and services checks issued from January 19 through February 1, 2019? (AB22216/22217) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

27 Authorize the mayor to sign a cooperative purchasing agreement with the city of Fife? This cooperative purchasing agreement with the city of Fife (Washington), allows either city to piggyback onto the competitive bidding process conducted with the other city in lieu of conducting its own bidding process. This ability is made possible through the Interlocal Cooperation Act granting two or more public agencies the ability to exercise powers cooperatively where it is lawful and in their best interest to do so, and may establish yearly bidding/purchasing for equipment, goods and services of mutual need requirements. In addition to establishing this agreement, Bellingham must also exercise its due diligence in evaluating the other agency’s bidding process to ensure it meets the city of Bellingham’s minimum bidding requirements for the intended acquisition. The city intends to use this interlocal agreement to piggyback on Fife’s emergency vehicle upfitting bid; purchases made using this interlocal agreement will be approved during the normal budget process. (AB22219) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

28. Relinquish a portion of a utility easement located within a vacated portion of alley between Ferry Avenue and Adams Avenue? (Public hearing held.) The Public Works Department has determined that the easement running through lots 1 thru 6, Block 3 and 1 thru 6, Block 4, Nash’s Addition to Fairhaven is surplus to the city’s needs and not required for the provision of public utility services. Pomeroy Industrial LLC owns certain property commonly known as 512 32nd Street, that it wishes to develop. AB22205 (Resolution 2019-004) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

29. Authorize the mayor to sign a development agreement for an estimated $2.5 million with Parberry’s Inc. and associated entities to develop property in Old Town? (Public hearing held at 1/28 meting) Relocation of the recycling business is critical to transition the north end of Old Town from a light industrial area to an urban village. Northwest Recycling will relocate to a suitable property in (or close to) Bellingham and the city will invest in the public infrastructure in Old Town necessary to support redevelopment of Parberry properties. Parberry will retain the option to purchase certain adjacent city-owned properties on Astor and Holly streets. At the 3/31/2008 meeting, vote #79, the council adopted the Old Town subarea plan. The plan created a new urban village in the Old Town area of downtown Bellingham. AB22174 (Resolution 2019-005) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

30. Set a public hearing before the Bellingham Hearing Examiner for consideration of a street vacation petition for Dakota Street between Ferry and Adams avenues in the Happy Valley neighborhood? AB2019-22218 (Resolution 2019-006) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

31. Approve a franchise agreement with Mobilitie, LLC of Newport Beach, Calif., a wireless infrastructure provider, to operate and maintain small cell facilities in city rights-of-way? The City Council approves telecommunication franchise agreements, with franchise application fees set at $1,500. All franchisees installing small cell facilities in the rights-of-way are required to obtain permits prior to work and must comply with all requirements set out in city code. In addition, any attachment to city-owned light poles requires additional authorization from the city in the form of a lease or license agreement approved by the mayor. AB22176 (Ordinance 2019-02-002) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

32. Amend the Bellingham Municipal Code to provide water and sewer service outside the city limits? At the 5/23/2011 meeting, vote #94, the council voted to repeal all water and sewer service zones outside the city limits until that property is annexed into the city, except in very limited circumstances that are necessary to protect basic health and safety. This ordinance amends the Bellingham Municipal Code to allow limited extension of city services to vacant residential lots in the UGA that currently abut a city main. Services outside the city limits are clarified to protect public health and safety when the lot in question does not abut a city main. Customers outside of the city limits will pay 150 percent of the residential rate. AB22179 (Ordinance 2019-02-003) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

33. Amend and clarify the Bellingham Municipal Code related to the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program? The program staff recommended a definition for a third classification of watercraft, “Class B watercraft;” it means any watercraft that has a motorized propulsion system and state registration is not required. Added to the program is a one-day pass and definitions will be clarified. AB22181 (Ordinance 2019-02-004) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

34. Expand the scope and services of the Bellingham Municipal Code regarding the Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission Against Domestic Violence? The city of Bellingham and Whatcom County created the Commission Against Domestic Violence in 1998. The council voted at the 1/28/2019 meeting, vote #11, to establish the Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence. These proposed amendments provide for an expanded scope of the commission to include both domestic and sexual violence and establish an agreement as the primary governing document for the commission. These updates necessitate changes to city code. The commission will be renamed the Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence. AB22184 (Ordinance 2019-02-005) Approved 6-0, Pinky Vargas excused.

Action Taken at February 25, 2019 Meeting

Shall the council:
35. Ratify the collective bargaining agreement with IAFF Local No. 106? The following general terms will apply: wages will increase by 3.5 percent on 1/1/2018, on 1/1/2019, and 1/1/2020. Also, the premium for service longevity will increase by 1.5 percent at each tier. The city’s contribution towards health insurance premiums will increase by 6 percent in 2020 over the 2019 maximum employer contribution amount, and will consist of a flat dollar amount towards health insurance premiums rather than a percentage of the premiums. (Discussed in Executive Session) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

36. Approve a request for retail water service at 4703 Aldrich Road? The residence at 4703 Aldrich Road has lost its ability to access water from a well. There is no other available water source of adequate quality or quantity on this property to serve the existing residence. The home was built in 2007, and served by well until 2014 when the well would no longer produce. After several failed attempts to drill new wells, the Whatcom County Health Department determined that there were not sufficient quality and quantity of water essential for health and safety and recommended connecting to city water. (AB20602) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

37. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with Whatcom County, and Bellingham Technical College for EMT-Paramedic Training? This agreement outlines the organization and administration of the EMT Paramedic Training Program conducted cooperatively between Bellingham Fire Department, Whatcom County and Bellingham Technical College by defining the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved. The Bellingham Fire Department received a $566,919 federal grant to train five new paramedics. At the 10/22/2018 meeting, vote #171, the council increased the fire department budget by $169,050 for a total grant/match of $623,610. (AB22079) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

38.Authorize the mayor to award the low bid of $1,379,867 to Colacurcio Brothers, Inc., of Blaine for the Boulevard Park pedestrian bridge demolition and utility improvements? The engineer’s estimate was $2,044,505. This project includes removal of the pedestrian overpass and replacement of utilities serving Boulevard Park; the park provides access to Bellingham Bay and the South Bay Trail. Built in the 1970’s, the existing pedestrian overpass is damaged beyond repair. This structure currently supports utilities into the park. New underground service lines will be installed through the park and up Bayview Drive, resulting in predictable, high quality services to the park for decades to come. Three bids were received, the high bid was $1,882,200. (AB22226) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

39. Approve the renaming of the Cordata Community Park to Cordata Park and the Neighborhood Park to Julianna Park, after Julie Guy? At the 3/23/2015 meeting, vote #52, the council authorize the expenditure of $3,620,000 to purchase 20.76 acres that became Cordata Community Park. The Cordata neighborhood has requested the new community park be named Cordata Park. Following city park naming policy, names were generated through a public outreach process. Julie Guy served on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board from 9/13/2006 through 7/3/2013 advocating for parks in North Bellingham; participated in the steering committee for the Cordata Park Master Plan, the steering committee for the 2008 update of the Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan, and the planning committee that created the North Bellingham Trail Plan; and has been active on the Cordata Neighborhood Association, most recently serving as association president since 2013, and representing the neighborhood at the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission. (AB22227) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

40. Appropriate $3,410,306 for payroll checks issued from January 16 through January 31, 2019? (AB22233) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

41. Appropriate $1,561,619 for goods and services checks issued from February 2 through February 15, 2019? (AB22234/22235) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

42. Support Governor Jay Inslee’s declaration of February 24 – March 2 as Invasive Species Awareness Week? At the 7/2/2012 meeting, vote #140, the council passed an ordinance prohibiting the release and spread of aquatic invasive species in Lake Whatcom and Lake Padden. The city is dedicated to educating the citizens of Whatcom County about the prevention, impact, and management of aquatic and terrestrial invasive species through implementation and administration of several multifaceted programs including a multijurisdictional Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program. Learn more about preventing invasive species by visiting:,,, and AB22221 (Resolution 2019-007) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

43. Amend the Bellingham Municipal Code to allow height increase for certain properties within the Samish Way Urban Village? (Public hearing held on 2-11-19) The city has partnered with the Bellingham-Whatcom Housing Authority to redevelop the property at 315 N. Samish Way — formerly known as the “Aloha Motel” location — within the CT2 zone of the urban village. This zone currently allows development of buildings up to 55-feet in height, but the Housing Authority has requested to break ground on their project in the Spring and this proposal would aid in Phase 1 of the development by granting flexibility in the height limit to allow construction up to 75-feet and would allow for more flexibility for affordable housing. In 2015, the city acquired the site of the former Aloha Motel at 315 N. Samish Way. The property was sold to the housing authority in 2017 and will be redeveloped with a mix of over 150 housing units serving a range of incomes, new office headquarters for the housing authority, and commercial uses. The Bellingham Housing Authority’s stated goals for this development are to foster neighborhoods with a balanced mix of housing prices, and to support high-density and mixed commercial/residential development in the city’s urban villages. The council plans to bring back the entire development package at a later meeting for more discussion. Previously, Council approved the Samish Way urban village plan at the 11/23/2009 meeting, vote 252; the Aloha Motel a neighborhood blight because of violent crimes, prostitution, illegal drug activity and methamphetamine contamination present and occurring on the property at the 10/27/2014 meeting, vote #220. The city sold the property to Bellingham Housing Authority (May 2017); and issued the urban village status report recommendation (Dec 2018). AB22204 (Ordinance 2019-02-006) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

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