Today’s Threats Against Journalists

Artwork by Hilary Cole

Here is a sample of headlines from May 30 to June 1, 2020, illustrating the dangers journalists face, as reported by the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.

  “The Buffalo News (NY) crew hit by police pepper balls while covering protests.”

•  “Student journalists fired upon with foam rounds, one struck by ricochet amid Albuquerque (NM) protests.”

•  “Philadelphia Inquirer reporter one of three journalists detained by police past curfew.”

•  “Freelance journalist says police targeted him with projectiles after he identified himself as press.”

  “Atlanta photographer detained, released after intervention by other journalists.”

•  “Cincinnati Enquirer journalist detained as cameras roll.”

  “Reporter detained while covering Oakland (CA) protests.”

  “Asbury Park Press (NJ) journalist arrested covering protests, released the next day.”

  “Reporter pepper sprayed, arrested amid protests in Des Moines (Iowa).”

•  “Unidentified man attacks Reuters photographer with crowbar during Minneapolis protests.”

Source: U.S. Press Freedom Tracker. More here:

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