Whatcom County Council

Compiled by Barry MacHale

Action Taken at April 5, 2016 Meeting

Shall the council:
57. Authorize the executive to award the low bid of $790,787 to Strider Construction Company of Bellingham for the South Pass Road/Saar Creek Bridge No. 212 replacement project? Seven bids were received; the high bid was $967,123. The county engineer’s estimate was $954,236. The bridge replacement is listed as #B4 on the 2016-21 six- year transportation improvement program. At the 10/28/2014 meeting, vote #194, the council approved a contract to design a replacement for the 38-foot-long bridge built in 1957. The total cost is estimated at $1,410,000. (AB2016-137) Approved 7-0

58. Authorize the executive to award the low bid of $85,748 to Munson Boats of Burlington for a patrol boat? Two bids were received; the high bid was $96,999. This is a replacement boat that is used primarly on Lake Samish. (AB2016-138) Approved 7-0

59. Confirm an appointment by the executive to the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee? Appointed: Robert Hendrick. (AB2016-141) Confirmed 7-0

60. Adopt various minor amendments to the Whatcom County Code? The Planning Commission has recommended amendments to Title 20 Zoning section of the code, including: change procedures for administrative approval permits; application docketing revisions; revising power line and water tank regulations; transferring language covering home occupation and cottage industry within the code; establishing building heights within the Light Impact Industrial Zone; updating slope development regulations in the Rural Residential Island zone; updating lot consolidation requirements; updating “major project” permitting; updating regulations covering marijuana production and processing; establishing broadcast tower heights; establishing minimum setback requirements for the Lake Whatcom Watershed Overlay District; and correcting language in long- and short-term planning documents. AB2016-114 (Ordinance 2016-011) Adopted 7-0

61. Amend the 2016 budget (request #7) in the amount of $85,749? Appropriate: $85,749 to replacement the sheriff’s office patrol boat. The current vessel is 28 years old and needs a number of repairs. AB2016-132 (Ordinance 2016-012) Adopted 7-0

Action Taken at April 19, 2016 Meeting

Shall the council:
62. Authorize the executive to sign a $45,000 contract (amendment #1) with the Whatcom Conservation District? (Council acting as the flood control district board of supervisors) At the 12/9/2014 meeting, vote #243, the flood control district entered into an agreement with the Whatcom Conservation District to work with the agricultural community to develop and implement agricultural best practices for pollution control in pollution identification and correction (PIC) focus areas. In order to allow continued outreach, the budget will be increased by $45,000, with a total budget not to exceed $125,000. The contract expires on 12/31/2016. (AB2016-153) Approved 6-0-1, Rud Browne abstained.

63. Authorize the executive to sign a cost-sharing agreement with Northwest Pipeline, LLC? Last summer, Northwest Pipeline constructed a series of log jams a quarter mile upstream from Rutsatz Road. Flooding in January 2016 resulted in erosion to the Rutsatz Road embankment on the North Fork of the Nooksack River. Emergency stabilization measures were designed, permitted, and constructed in February and March of 2016 at a cost just under $600,000. The permitting process for the completed emergency bank stabilization requires measures to mitigate impacts to fish habitat. The 50/50 cost-share agreement will fund the mitigation measures. Northwest’s share will be capped at $700,000; the agreement expires on 12/1/2017 (AB2016-155) Approved 7-0

64. Authorize the executive to sign a contract with the Whatcom Land Trust for monitoring and easement enforcement of properties in the Purchase of Development Rights program? The first purchase of an agriculture conservation (development rights) easement was approved at the 8/10/2004 meeting, vote #150; a total of 16 easements have been purchased. The contract is for a minimum fee of $12,000 per easement, or 5 percent fee on the easement price, whichever is greater, but not to exceed $24,000 per easement in perpetuity. Funding will be from the Conservation Futures Fund. The contract expires on 12/31/2017. (AB2016-156) Approved 7-0

65. Authorize the executive to apply for a pass-through grant (up to $750,000) for Unity Care Northwest? The application is with the state of Washington and is for Community Development Block Grant funds. The funds will be used to construct an integrated health clinic in Ferndale offering behavioral health, dental, medical, and pharmacy services to low-income residents of Ferndale, Lynden, Blaine, and northern Whatcom County. Unity Care Northwest of Bellingham would be the subrecipient of the funds, with Whatcom County acting as lead agency in the application process. AB2016-149 (Resolution 2016-012) Approved 7-0

66. Amend the 2016 flood control district budget (request #2) in the amount of $200,000? (Council acting as the flood control district board of supervisors) Appropriate $200,000 to fund a collaborative drain system repair project at Birch Point. The project is listed in the 2016 six- year water resources improvement program. AB2016-144 (Resolution 2016-013) Approved 7-0

67. Amend the 2016 flood control district budget (request #3) in the amount of $85,000? (Council acting as the flood control district board of supervisors) Appropriate $85,000 to fund a light detection and ranging project. The technology will be used for digital mapping in land-use and natural hazard assessment processes. AB2016-145 (Resolution 2016-014) Approved 7-0

68. Update the appendix of the 2015 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy? The development strategy was first approved at the 8/13/2002 meeting, vote #153, and the 2015 strategy was approved at the 3/31/2015 meeting, vote #49. The strategy is compilation of community development projects submitted by local governments and other economic development agencies and is a requirement for Economic Development Administration funding applications. The amendment adds, removes, or revises projects as needed to assist with long-term economic development planning in Whatcom County. AB2016-154 (Resolution 2016-015) Amended and approved 6-1, Barbara Brenner1 opposed.

69. Amend the 2016 budget (request #8) in the amount of $234,633? Appropriate: $3,000 to fund a shooting program for youth; $13,942 to fund the sheriff’s office boating safety patrol overtime; $17,691 to fund the sheriff’s office recreational boating safety patrols; $200,000 to fund a Birch Point drainage repair project. AB2016-143 (Ordinance 2016-013) Adopted 7-0

70. Amend the Cedar Hills/Euclid stormwater improvement fund (request #1) and establish a project based budget for Cedar Hills/Euclid stormwater improvements? The 62 acre sub-basin retrofit may include rain gardens, bioinfiltration swales, infilitration facilities, filter vaults, flow control, and erosion stabilization. The primary target is bacteria and phosphorus removal. At the 11/25/2014 meeting, vote #234, the council established the stormwater improvement fund. The county has obtained $665,586 in state grant money, allowing for expansion of the project, bringing the total amended project budget to $1,295,586. The project is listed as #2 in the Lake Whatcom Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan. AB2016-146 (Ordinance 2016-014) Adopted 7-0

71. Revise membership on the Economic Development Investment Board? The language is required to be amended because the original membership position of Director of Whatcom County Administrative Services no longer exists. The language is changed to designate “a county department head or official appointed by the county executive.” AB2016-147 (Ordinance 2016-015) Adopted 7-0

72. Revise membership on the Agricultural Advisory Committee? The committee was created at the 7/24/2001 meeting, vote #128. The original language including membership of “Whatcom Farm Friends.” The name has been changed to “Whatcom Family Farmers.” AB2016-148 (Ordinance 2016-016) Adopted 7-0

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