Whatcom County Council

Compiled by Barry MacHale

Action Taken at March 8, 2016 Meeting

Shall the council:
42. Authorize the executive to sign a $65,090 contract with Transportation Engineers Northwest of Bellevue for a Lakeway Drive crosswalk? At the 10/28/2014 meeting, vote #196, the council voted to amend the 2015 annual road construction program to add a pedestrian crosswalk on Lakeway Drive. This contract provides a crossing location evaluation of the Lakeway Drive intersections with Oriental Avenue and Parkstone Lane to determine the most appropriate siting for a pedestrian-actuated crosswalk signal, as well as preliminary engineering design. It expires on 12/31/2016. (AB2016-093) Approved 4-3, Carl Weimer, Ken Mann, and Rud Browne opposed.

43. Authorize the executive to accept a $155,071 grant from Thrive Washington to implement the Nurse-family Partnership program? In previous votes, Thrive Washington was called Thrive by Five Washington. The program is expanded to include up to 22 additional participants from the Lummi Tribe in 2016. It provides home visits by nurses to support healthy pregnancies and child development for low-income, first-time mothers. Thrive Washington is an organization funded by the state of Washington (Early Learning Fund) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. At the 2/23/2016 meeting, vote #40, the council appropriated funding for the contract. The grant expires on 12/31/2016. (AB2016-109) Approved 7-0

44. Sell tax title property by negotiation? (Public hearing held) Request No. TR2016-01 — State law allows for the sale of county-owned property through negotiation if no acceptable bids are received during a public auction. The county acquired the Sudden Valley property on 11/20/2015. It will be sold for no less than the principal taxes, interest, penalties, title search, and foreclosure costs of $3,839. The potential buyer owns an adjacent lot and wishes to add the property as green space. AB2016-073A (Resolution 2016-007) Approved 7-0

45. Adopt a statement of incarceration prevention, criminal justice, and jail planning principles for Whatcom County’s criminal justice and behavioral health systems? The statement reflects input from the county, the municipalities, and the tribes for the purpose of guiding future planning relating to the development of new jail facilities as well as programs that provide alternatives to incarceration. Amendments to the resolution involve language relating to the location of a new facility as well as the date for the ballot process. AB2016-072 (Resolution 2016-008) Substitute amended and approved 7-0

46. Initiate Comprehensive Plan and zoning amendments? In accordance with the Whatcom County Code, the council may initiate the formal review process required to amend the Comprehensive Plan and/or zoning laws. Planning and Development Services has submitted proposed amendments to the council in order to begin the formal review. Some of the proposed amendments involve: code enforcement revisions; mineral and resource lands regulations; siting of kennels in agricultural zones; signage regulations; stormwater runoff regulations; weddings and special events permitting; wetland protection and restoration; and wireless communication facilities. AB2016-110 (Resolution 2016-009) Substitute approved 7-0

47. Support solar industry jobs and economic development in Whatcom County? The council recognizes the economic benefits of the solar industry in terms of wages and related economic multipliers, the forecasts for the growth of the solar energy industry, and the growing local, state, national, and international political consensus on the importance of supporting solar and other alternative energy industries. AB2016-118 (Resolution 2016-010). Approved 7-0

Action Taken at March 22, 2016 Meeting

Shall the council:
48. Authorize the executive to accept $680,000 in federal grant money for the county roadway safety program? The grant is from the Highway Safety Improvement Program; it is designed to reduce accident frequency through the use of “rumble strips” and signage. The contract adds $15,000 in local funds for “unanticipated site improvements.” (AB2016-126) Approved 7-0

49. Authorize the executive to sign a $298,118 contract (amendment #1) with TranTech Engineering, LLC, of Bellevue for the Slater Road/Jordan Creek culvert? At the 3/17/2015 meeting, vote #30, the council approved a contract with TranTech for the preliminary engineering work and analysis for repair of a deteriorating culvert, listed as item No. 3 on the 2016 annual road construction program. This amendment provides design and preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimate for a permanent bridge replacement of the existing culvert. The original contract was in the amount of $99,721, and the amendment adds for a total contract amount of $397,839. The contract expires on 12/31/2018. (AB2016-127) Approved 7-0

50. Authorize the executive to sign a 168,888 contract with Action Cleaning Services of Bellingham for custodial services? The contract provides custodial services at seven satellite buildings: Central Shop and Portable; Northwest Annex; Civic Center Building; Central Plaza; Health Department; Forest Street; and the State Street Annex. The three-year contract expires 12/31/2018 and is for a total of $506,664. (AB2016-128) Approved 7-0

51. Authorize the executive to award the low bid of $1,630,566 to Granite Construction of Bellingham for 2016 hot mix asphalt prelevel? The prelevel is used at various locations in the maintenance and repair of county roads. The contract includes all labor, equipment, and materials required to install approximately 22,663 tons of asphalt prelevel in an amount not to exceed $1,630,566. A request for bids was advertised and three bids were received. (AB2016-129) Approved 7-0

52. Authorize the executive to award the low bid $1,107,000 to Husky Marketing of Wilmington, Delaware for road oil? The contract would provide for supply of asphaltic emulsions (road oil) used by maintenance and operations for the chip-sealing program for county roads. The 2015 expenditures for asphaltic emissions were $1,006,827, and the 2016 contract is not to exceed $1,107,000. A request for bids was advertised and three bids were received. (AB2016-130) Approved 7-0

53. Authorize the executive to approved expenditures up to $600,000 for the purchase of waterborne traffic line paint? The vendor is Alpine Products, Inc., a dealer of Ennis Paint of Ennis, Texas, using an interlocal agreement with Pierce County. Due to supply issues in 2010-2011, the county is sourcing paint from multiple vendors. The 2015 expenditure for traffic line paint was $441,921. (AB2016-131) Approved 7-0

54. Authorize the executive to apply for a $123,508 Community Development Block Grant? (Public hearing held) The Opportunity Council is required to apply through Whatcom County for the grant; it will administer the grant and oversee the distribution of services. The block grant is offered annually by Washington State to fund the coordination and provision of social services to residents with low and moderate incomes in Island, San Juan and Whatcom counties. In Whatcom County the services will be offered through the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center in the amount of $61,754. AB2016-116 (Resolution 2016-011) Approved 7-0

55. Authorize the temporary re-opening of Roberts Road between Martin Road and Central Road for use as a construction detour? (Public hearing held) It will be open during the replacement of the structurally deficient Roberts Road/Anderson Creek bridge. The bridge is listed on the 2016 Annual Construction Program. Upon the completion of the bridge replacement, the road will be closed again. Roberts Road was originally closed in 1991 due to issues with illegal dumping. AB2016-115 (Ordinance 2016-009) Adopted 7-0

56. Amend the 2016 budget (request #6), in the amount of $115,620? Appropriate: $6,220 to fund traffic safety equipment for the sheriff’s office; $18,400 to fund mental health and suicide prevention programs for the Health Department; $64,000 to support a joint Department of Natural Resources/Public Works light detection and ranging project; $27,000 to fund a retrofit of the boat launch dock at Lighthouse Marine Park; and an estimated cost of less than $3,000 to fund a two-hour per week increase for the Clerk III position at the Nurse-Family Partnership program. AB2016-117 (Ordinance 2016-010) Adopted 7-0

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