Whatcom County Council

Compiled by Barry MacHale

Action Taken at June 14, 2016 Meeting

Shall the council:
94. Authorize the executive to sign an agreement between the Whatcom County Flood Control Zone District and Diking District #2? (Council acting as the flood control district board of supervisors) The agreement provides cost-share funding for repairs to the Sande-Williams Levee, which was damaged by winter floods. The estimated total cost of the levee repairs is $400,000, of which the county will provide $56,000. (AB2016-175) Approved 7-0

95. Approve the recommendations of the Economic Development Investment Board for a $1.1 million grant to the city of Bellingham? The grant will fund the Granary/Laurel Street project. It will be the first and primary arterial connection through the Waterfront District redevelopment area. The grant will be added to $6.7 million in federal funding and $2.6 million in city of Bellingham funding. (AB2016-182) Approved 6-0-1, Todd Donovan abstained.

96. Authorize the executive to sign a $300,000 contract with GeoTest Services of Bellingham? The contract will provide for sample collection, on-site construction and material inspection, concrete testing, hot mix asphalt, and various construction materials for public works’ 2016-2017 projects. The contract expires on 12/31/2017. (AB2016-194) Approved 7-0

97. Authorize the executive to sign an agreement with the city of Bellingham for advanced life support? The agreement provides paramedic services in Whatcom County with three medic units and one EMS supervisor. The current agreement includes a fee schedule for calendar years 2014/2015 and 2016. This 2017 amendment for $124,417, incorporates the Seattle-Tacoma-Bremerton CPI-U inflation adjusted index in case the EMS levy on the general election ballot does not pass. The total advanced life support service fee is $5,101,095. (2016-195) Approved 7-0

98. Establish a Jail Stakeholder Workgroup? The workgroup will address financial agreements required for development of a new jail, including the size and associated cost of the facility; the funding mechanism; and the allocation and funding for operating expenses. It will consist of: two members of the Whatcom County Council; two members of the Bellingham City Council; one member of the Lummi Indian Business Council; one member of the Nooksack Tribal Council; the Whatcom County executive; the mayor of Bellingham; one official representing the small cities; the Whatcom County sheriff; and the city of Bellingham police chief. The County Council will appoint: one resident of the city of Bellingham; one county resident who resides outside the City of Bellingham; one member of the Incarceration Prevention and Reduction Task Force nominated by the IPR Task Force and not already designated above; and one Whatcom County corrections officer nominated by the Whatcom County sheriff. AB2016-179 (Resolution 2016-021) Substitute approved 5-2, Barbara Brenner1 and Ken Mann opposed.

99. Authorize the public works director and the county engineer to close or restrict use of county roads on a temporary basis? (Public hearing held) Washington State code requires road closures lasting longer than 12 hours be authorized by the passage of an ordinance. AB2016-190 (Ordinance 2016-020) Adopted 7-0

100. Revise membership on the Medical Examiner Advisory Council? The “state death investigation council” member has been changed to “board-certified forensic pathologist.” AB2016-188 (Ordinance 2016-021) Adopted 7-0

101. Amend the Lummi Nation Ferry Lease Fund? Amendment #1 will create and approve a project-based budget of $2 million. At the 11/22/2011 meeting, vote #197, the council established the fund for the costs and revenues associated with construction projects at the Gooseberry Point ferry dock and surrounding areas. Three equal payments of $6,000,000 were to be dedicated in the years 2011, 2017, and 2026. The Lummi Nation is seeking expenditure authority for funds set aside for 2017 to be used for two pedestrian and roadway improvement projects. AB2016-189 (Ordinance 2016-022) Adopted 7-0

Action Taken at June 28, 2016 Meeting

Shall the council:
102. Appoint two councilmembers to serve as members of the Jail Stakeholder Workgroup? At the 6/14/2016 meeting, vote #98, the council created the Jail Stakeholder Workgroup, it will address financial agreements required for the development of a new jail, including the size and associated costs of the facility; the funding mechanism; and the allocation of funding for operating expenses. (AB2016-179A) Appointed: Barry Buchanan and Todd Donovan.

103. Authorize the executive to award the low bid of $678,890 to Razz Construction of Bellingham to provide construction services and materials for the county roadway safety program? The county engineers estimate was $618,330. Three bids were received, the high bid was $761,370. At the 11/25/2014 meeting, vote #222, the council established a project-based budget for the roadway safety program. It addresses safety concerns through signage, rumble strips, and high-friction surface treatments. The project is listed as item no. 20 on the 2016 annual construction program. The county has received a $680,000 federal grant for shoulder rumble strips and horizontal alignment signs. The total estimated cost is $750,000. AB2016-202) Approved 7-0

104. Authorize the executive to award all bids for the annual supply of rock, gravel, and soil used for county road maintenance and Parks department projects? The authorization is in an amount not to exceed $300,000. Six bids were received, Concrete Nor’West, Cowden Gravel & Ready Mix, Ferndale Ready Mix & Gravel, Granite Construction Company, Iverson Earthworks, and Stremler Gravel. Before the material is purchased, consideration will be given to delivery time, availability of material, total cost, location of source, and proximity to the delivery point. (AB2016-203) Approved 7-0

105. Authorize the executive to sign jail facility use agreement contracts with the cities of Bellingham, Blaine, Everson, Ferndale, Lynden, and Sumas? The contracts provide inmate housing services for gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor cases initiated by participating cities, paid for by those cities through booking and other fees. The contracts begin on 7/1/2016 and expire on 6/30/2018. (AB2016-204/205/206/207/208/209) Approved 7-0

106. Confirm the executive’s appointment of Laura Hanna to the Marine Resource Committee? The committee addresses the needs of the Northwest Strait Marine Ecosystem, local marine issues, and recommends remedial action to local authorities. Laura Hanna is currently employed by the Washington Conservation Corps, an Americorps program. She has worked on three separate crews; this year the sponsors are the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group and the San Juan Preservation Trust. Last year, the City of Bellingham and the year before that the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, Whatcom Land Trust and the state Department of Natural Resource. (2016-211) Confirmed 7-0

107. Consider a petition to vacate an unnamed alley within the Whispering Pines plat? On 4/6/2016, Linda Doroshenko, Michael Taylor, and Noreen Taylor submitted a petition requesting the unnamed alley serve as a dedicated driveway for the properties at 7680 Birch Bay Drive and 7681 Frances Lane, for both personal and emergency service access. Petitioners will post a $790 surety bond with their petition. The county engineer will investigate and report to the council on the proposed vacation so that a public hearing can be held upon the matter. AB2016-210 (Resolution 2016-022) Approved 7-0

108. Accept a petition to create the Columbia Valley Park and Recreation District and set July 26 for a public hearing on the proposal? Citizens have submitted Initiative No. 2016-1, with signatures by at least 15 percent of the registered voters residing within the affected area, as determined by the county auditor. There were 234 signatures required, 338 submitted and 238 (70.4 percent) approved. AB2016-218 (Resolution 2016-023) Approved 7-0

109. Amend the 2016 budget (request #10) in the amount of $1,207,900? Appropriate: $10,000 to fund increased lodging tax contracts; $97,000 to fund two all-hazard early warning systems; $1,100,000 to fund the city of Bellingham’s Granary/Laurel Street arterial connection project in the Waterfront District. AB2016-197 (Ordinance 2016-023) Adopted 7-0

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