We’ll Miss Terry Weschler

We were sad to discover Terry Weschler passed away on July 6, 2023.

We at Whatcom Watch would like to express our appreciation for the work and assistance Terry Wechsler provided. 

She wrote 18 articles for Whatcom Watch during the years 2012-2017. Most of the articles were about local environmental impacts of fossil fuel transportation and the proposed coal port at Cherry Point.   

For example, “Coming Soon: The Frankenstein Zombie Terminal?” Whatcom Watch, June 2016.

Coming Soon: The Frankenstein Zombie Terminal?

Terry was the administrator of the Whatcom Watch Facebook page, and, when the WW officers decided they no longer wanted a Facebook presence, she changed its name to Whatcom Progress.

With expertise as a lawyer, she assisted Whatcom Watch in following Washington State nonprofit guidelines, and she formerly served as president on the Whatcom Watch board of directors.

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