Port of Bellingham Commission

Action Taken at March 5, 2024 Meeting

Shall the commission:

22. Authorize the executive director to sign a major modification with the City of Bellingham for facilities within the Waterfront District? At the 12/3/2013 meeting, vote #176, the commission approved the Waterfront District Master Plan. At the 4/11/2023 meeting, vote #38, the commission authorized the executive director to sign an option with the BoardMill Group to purchase 5.37 acres in the Waterfront District. The group proposed a 107-room hotel, meeting space, 160 residential units, a parking structure with 368-470 spaces, commercial and retail spaces. Portions of the BoardMill project overlap with areas shown to be dedicated to the city for parks. This modification includes: 1) public parking on privately owned open space (available to the public), and 2) the development of much-needed housing — both of which justify a modification to the layout of the park dedications.(13548/Action Item 2) Approved 3-0

23. Authorize the executive director to sign a first modification of a lease with the Fairhaven Industrial Marine Repair Facility? At the 4/4/2021 meeting, vote #57, the commission approved a 10-year land lease with the Fairhaven Industrial Marine Repair (FIMFR) facility. On 8/30/2022, a default notice for a failure to pay rent was sent to FIMFR. At the 12/12/2023 meeting, vote #112, the commission approved a settlement agreement and new land lease with FIMFR. The settlement required the company to obtain a stormwater discharge permit by 2/12/2024, and then the port extended the date to 3/12/2024. This vote extended the date to obtain the permit to 4/11/2024. (13550/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

24. Change the lease for property at 3824 Williamson way from Wise Enerprises to Yamato Properties? On 6/2/1987, a lease was signed with Vanco Connector Corporation for 21,000 square feet of premises at the Bellingham airport. On 5/1/1990, the lease changed from Vanco Connector Corporation to Alpha Technologies and on 9/18/1990 the lease expanded to 30,000 square feet. On 6/7/1994, the lease was changed from Alpha Technologies to Current Industries. At the 9/2/2003 meeting, vote #76, Current Industries subleased 30,000 square feet of land to Wise Industries and it assumed the lease. Current Industries filed for bankruptcy on 1/29/2010. (13551/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

25. Adopt the 2024 recreation, conservation and public access plan? Resolution 1368 is repealed and Resolution 1413 is approved. To be eligible for state grants, the plan is required to be updated every six years. Resolution 1368 was passed at the 12/19/2017 meeting, vote #159. Some changes were made in the draft plan based on commission direction — 802 responses were received to a public survey conducted by the port, and 158 written and public comments were received. Resolution 1413 (13553/Action Item #1) Approve 3-0


Action Taken at March 19, 2024 Meeting

Shall the commission:

26. Authorize the executive director to sign documents with Lexington Insurance Company for costs incurred during a storm in December 2022? On 12/22/2022, cold temperatures resulted in two water lines breaking and impacting Halibut Henry’s and Southwest Airlines at the Bellingham airport. TI Restoration of Anaheim, California, conducted water damage mitigation. The total repair cost was $69,187, with a $50,000 deductible — the insurance payment will be $19,187. (13589/Consent Agenda B) Approve 3-0

27. Approve a lease with Yamato Properties for property located at the Bellingham airport? At the 3/5/2024 meeting, vote #24, the lease for property at 3824 Williamson Way was changed from Wise Enterprises to Yamato Properties. Since 1989, Yamato Properties has been leasing property at 3836 Williamson Way and constructed a 20,740-square-foot building (a warehouse for automotive engine parts) on the property. This new lease for 30,000 square feet of land (to warehouse automotive engine parts) at 3824 Williamson Way will end on 3/31/2049. (13590/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

28. Approve $50,000 in Small City Economic Development funds for the City of Ferndale? The port started the small cities grant program in 2004. The City of Ferndale will use $25,000 to develop a wayfinding signage system. The city has receive a state grant of $100,000; an entire citywide project is anticipated to be $200,000. The city will use the other $25,000 to extend a municipal sewer to the Grandview Road area. The extension will be approximately 2.5 miles in length and will be comprised of at lease two phases. (13591/Consent Agenda D) Approved 3-0

29. Modify a lease with Bin 13 in the Waterfront District? At the 5/2/2023 meeting, vote #45, the commission approved a lease with Bin 13: a wine bar and tasting room for two modified shipping containers in The Portal container village. The lease is modified for outside seating, and it will increase from 1,125 square feet to 2,450 square feet. (13592/Consent Agenda E) Approved 3-0

30. Reallocate the 2024 budget for phase 2 of pier and piling repairs at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal? Phase 1 of the repairs to the bulkhead and pier piling was completed in February 2023. All bids for phase 2 in the summer of 2023 were above the engineer’s estimate and rejected. The current engineer’s estimate is $4.1 million. The 2024 budget has been increase by $2 million to $4,628,731. (13593/Consent Agenda F) Approved 3-0


Action Taken at March 25, 2024 Special Meeting

Shall the commission:

31. Authorize the executive director to terminate a lease agreement with ABC Recycling? At the 6/21/2022 meeting, vote #80, the commission approved a lease agreement of ABC Recycling of Burnaby, British Columbia, for six acres of property located in the log pond area, plus the right to use the Bellingham Shipping Terminal. Shredded and cut grade recycled metal will be stockpiled at the log pond area and exported from the shipping terminal. On 2/21/2024, the Port of Bellingham sent a notice of default to ABC Recycling. The company had brought a vessel to berth in an unauthorized location and failed to comply with stormwater management requirements. On 3/11/2024, the port sent another notice of default for the dropping of scrap metal into the Whatcom Waterway. These were a violation of a number of laws and regulations. The lease terminates on 9/30/2024. (13612) Approved 3-0

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