Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Bill McCallum

Action Taken at May 3, 2022 Meeting

Shall the commission:
55. Modify and change the lease from M-Kov, Inc. to APT Maine & Charter Services LLC? The owner is remaining the same. At the 6/1/2004 meeting, vote #63, the commission approved a 20-year lease with Jeff Harman and Tom Irwin. The lease allowed the Squalicum Harbor building to be used to construct new boats, perform minor boat repairs and boat sales. A tenant-owned building was on the property and in 2006 a port-owned dock was incorporated into the lease. In 2011, the lease was modified to include business uses pertaining to storage, manufacture, or construction of any product which requires or is functionally dependent on it as water transport. In 2019, the lease was modified to recognize it the as water reliant commercial marine use business. The modified lease will allow vessel chartering and membership business, vessel sales and rentals, vessel servicing and repair, marine -elated skills training and education semces, moorage of lessee’s business related vessels, lessee’s marine business-related exhibitions and marine-related receptions including food and beverage service and increases the in-water lease area by 1,875 square feet. (11503-11504/Consent Agenda D-E) Approved 3-0

56. Modify a lease with the Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute of Chehalis? The institute was founded in Chehalis in 1985 and currently has 17 eye clinics in six western states. At the 2/6/2007 meeting, vote #27, the commission approved a lease with the institute to constructed a 7,500 square foot building on 1.9 acres at the Bellingham airport. The lease is modified every five years; the rent for 6/1/2022 to 5/31/2023 will be $79,180 and for the next four years adjusted with the Consumer Price Index. (11505/Consent Agenda F) Approved 3-0

57. Declare specified equipment surplus and sell at public auction? Two diesel V6 engines have been determined to be surplus. The value is estimated to be less than $10,000. 11506/Consent Agenda G (Resolution 1322E) Approved 3-0

58. Establish with Whatcom County a cost-sharing partnership for licensed pictometry imagery? At the 11/7/2012 meeting, vote #180, the executive director was authorized to sign a $123,727 contract with Pictometry International Corporation of Rochester, N.Y, to provide digital aerial imagery of Western Whatcom County. At the 9/3/2013 meeting, vote #133, the executive director was authorized to sign a cost-sharing partnership with Whatcom County for licensed Pictometry imagery and software. Every three years since 2013, the imagery has been updated. This new agreement will update the licenses Pictometry imagery and software. The cost-shared partnership with 15 jurisdictions provides a lower cost to all parties. (11507/Consent Agenda H) Approved 3-0

59. Approve a lease with Corvus Energy USA, Ltd., Inc for 57,000 square feet of property and a 19,000 square foot building in Fairhaven? The main office is located in Norway. One of its products is energy storage. It currently has a manufacturing facility in Richmond, B.C. and wants to set up a manufacturing line to make zero emission products for the maritime industry in Bellingham. This lease is for three years with one two-year renewal option. Following a six-month no-rent period for improvements, the rent for a three-year term will be $660,000 and will end on 5/31/2025. (11508/Consent Agenda I) Approved 3-0

60. Authorize the executive director to sign an agreement with the Public Utility District No. 1 of Whatcom County for the continued development and implementation of the Whatcom County rural broadband fiber network? At the 11/20/2018 meeting, vote #164, the commission first approved an agreement to work collaboratively to develop a public fiber strategic. The port received a $2 million state grant for the rural broadband project and $1 million local matching grant from the Whatcom County Economic Development Investment Board. This 2022-2024 update allows the Broadband Steering Committee to meet more frequently. (11509/Consent Agenda J) Approved 3-0

61. Approve a policy and fee schedule for the Fisherman’s Pavilion? At the 10/20/2020 meeting, vote #93, the budget for the pavilion was increased from $1,500,000 to $2,500,000 and vote #94 approved the low bid for the 9,000 square-foot prefabricated metal building. It was constructed near the entrance to Zuanich Park and serves as a covered workspace for commercial fishing net menders from October to May 31 and community use from June 1 to September 30. (11510/Action Item 1) Approved 3-0

62. Increase the budget by $36,000 for the F Street warehouse? The budget is increased from $113,500 to $149,500. The executive director awarded the low bid of $124,422 to Boss Construction of Bellingham for the replacement of 77 skylights at the 1000 F Street warehouse. The installation will prevent leaking and allow for future use by marine trades and other commercial activity. Three bids were received, the high bid was $275,204. (11512/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

Action Taken at May 17, 2022 Meeting

Small the commission:
63. Ratify an emergency contract to dispose of aqueous film forming foam at the Bellingham airport? The form has been designed as hazardous due to perfluoroalkyl found in the firefighting foam. The form was removed from three firefighting trucks and is required to be disposed of by an industrial contractor. Clean Harbors of Norwell, Mass. was selected to perform the work. (11529/Consent Agenda D) Approved 3-0

64. Authorize the executive director to accept a $656,000 state grant for cleanup at the Harris Avenue shipyard? The 10-acre site is located at 210 Harris Avenue on Bellingham Bay. At the 12/17/2002 meeting, vote #121, the executive director signed an agreed order with the state of Washington for a  remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) of contaminated marine sediments at the Harris Avenue shipyard site. At the 2/16/2010 meeting, vote #37, the executive director signed an agreed order with the state of Washington for a site-wide remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS). The RI/FS agreed order was amended in 2016 and finalized by the state in 2019. The Model Toxics Control Act grant will cover 50 percent of the site cleanup. At the 11/17/2021 meeting, vote 111, the executive director signed an agreed order with the state to perform remedial design for cleanup actions. Total cleanup costs are estimated to be $24,980,000. (11530/Consent Agenda E) Approved 3-0

65. Reallocate $21,800 to purchase and install a self-service, moorage pay station? The pilot program will install the station at Gate 12. If installed at all three visitor docks it will free up staff time and will allow for overnight moorage visitors to pay anytime. (11531/Consent Agenda F) Approved 3-0

66. Renew a lease with Wise Enterprises for parcel 5A at the Bellingham airport? Whatcom County owns the building and it was constructed with funds that require the use by persons with disabilities or other employment barriers. On 5/2/1987 a lease was signed with Vanco Connector Corporation for 21,000 square-feet of premises at the Bellingham airport. On 5/1/1990, the lease changed from Vanco Connector Corporation to Alpha Technologies and on 9/18/1990 the lease expanded to 30,000 square feet. On 6/7/1994, the lease was changed from Alpha Technologies to Current Industries. At the 9/2/2003 meeting, vote #76, Current Industries subleased 30,000 square feet of land to Wise Industries and it assumed the lease. Current Industries filed for bankruptcy on 1/29/2010. This lease renewal is for five years, from 7/1/2022 to 6/30/2027. The total rent for five years will be $80,701. (11532/Consent Agenda G) Approved 3-0

67. Change land leases with I & J Properties for Lot A and Hilton Roeder II for Lot B to AMBK Holdings LLC? At the 10/3/2017 meeting, vote #125, the commission approved the land leases with I & J Properties for Lot A and Hilton Roeder II for Lot B. The leases were 50-year terms with one 10-year renewal option. They allowed marine vessels, marine equipment and other large items to be moved from the Squalicum Harbor boat launch, and the construction and sublease of a building on each lot. (11533/Consent Agenda H) Approved 3-0

68. Appropriate $70,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by Craig Kovacevich? The settlement and hold-harmless agreement is with Liberty Mutual Insurance and Craig Kovacevich. On 1/3/2018, Craig Kovacevich alleges he slipped and fell on the Sawtooth Dock at the Blaine Harbor, resulting in injuries incurring medical expenses. Once paid, Craig Kovacevich releases the port from any future liabilities arising from the incident. (11535/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

69. Authorize the executive director to sign a $563,164 one-year contract (amendment #2) with SP Plus Corporation of Chicago, Illinois, for the management of parking lots and operation of shuttle buses at the Bellingham airport? The initial contract with Standard Parking Corporation (now SP Plus Corporation) was approved at the 6/21/2016 meeting, vote #113. Amendment #1 for $476,766 was approved at the 5/18/2021 meeting, vote #64. This amendment will increase the parking schedule to 24 hours, hours of operation for the workforce from 17 hours to 24 hours and limited shuttle operations. The contract renewal runs from 7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023. (11536/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

70. Adopt an updated moorage model? This vote rescinds Resolution 1330, passed at the 5/20/2014 meeting, vote # 72, updating the marina model for moorage rates at Squalicum and Blaine harbors. This update makes language changes to the harbors’ rules, regulations, and rates handbook. The next review is scheduled for 2026. 11537/Action Item 1 (Resolution 1403) Approved 3-0  

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