Whatcom County Council

Compiled by Barry MacHale

Action Taken at December 8, 2015 Meeting

Shall the council:
236. Increase by $840,000 the Port of Bellingham’s initial request for Economic Development Investment Board funds? The Port of Bellingham applied for a $1 million grant and a $2 million loan from the Economic Development Investment Board to help construct a new building for All American Marine in Fairhaven. The building was originally going to be built in Fairhaven. That location has been changed to Hilton Avenue, northeast of Bornstein Seafoods. The total cost of the project has increased from $9.53 million to $10.37 million.(AB2015-286A) Approved 7-0

237. Authorize the executive to sign a $46,780 contract (amendment #2) with the Northwest Regional Council for jail nursing services? The regional council is currently under contract with the Corrections Bureau to provide nursing and medical administration services to inmates at the jail and work center. This amendment continues the services to inmates in juvenile detention.This amendment brings the total contract to $1,129,580; it expires on 12/31/2016. (AB2015-372) Approved 7-0

238. Authorize the executive to sign a $109,434 contract (amendment #1) with Environmental Science Associates of Portland, OR, for a fish passage structure? The amendment provides environmental permitting, design, surveying, and other required work related to the Birch Bay Drive/Pedestrian facility project that is No. 2 on the 2015 Annual Construction Program. This amendment brings the total contract to $1,727130; it expires on 12/31/2017. (AB2015-373) Approved 7-0

239. Authorize the executive to sign an $142,811 memorandum of agreement (amendment #17) with Washington State University to provide salary and support for the extension program? The program supports faculty positions in the WSU Whatcom County Extension program; a forestry program serving Whatcom County; and contracted services for the Whatcom County Solid Waste Program, with the addition of recycling and composting education services to be provided by the Master Gardener and Community Gardens programs. The total amended amount is $1,409,099; the contract expires 12/31/2016. (AB2015-374) Approved 7-0

240. Authorize the executive to sign a $149,578 contract with KPFF Consulting Engineers of Seattle for a bridge replacement project? The contract funds the design phase of the Roberts Road/Anderson Creek Bridge No. 249 Replacement Project. The current bridge is the sole access point for several properties, and is structurally deficient. The total cost is estimated to be $1,387,689 with $1,098,151 in federal funds and $289,538 in local funds. The contract expires on 12/31/2018. (AB2015-377) Approved 7-0

241. Authorize the executive to accept a $665,586 state grant for stormwater improvements? The grant will fund the design and construction phases of the Cedar Hills-Euclid Stormwater Improvements project, which treats stormwater runoff to reduce phosphorous pollution in Lake Whatcom. This is a priority capital project in the Lake Whatcom Comprehensive Stormwater Plan and the Six-Year Water Resources Improvement Program. The grant expires on 12/28/2018, and requires county matching funds of $221,862 for a total of $887,448. (AB2015-378) Approved 7-0

242. Authorize the executive to sign two contracts — totaling $382,944 — to improve housing stability and reduce homelessness? One contract is with: Catholic Community Services for $222,034 (amendment #4) for a total amended amount of $561,944 expiring on 12/31/2016. The other contract is with: Northwest Youth Services for $160,910 (amendment #2) for a total amended amount of $316,919. The contracts fund the provision of housing case management for individuals who receive rental subsidies through the Whatcom Homeless Service Center, for the purposes of reducing homelessness in Whatcom County. (AB2015-380/381) Approved 7-0

243. Authorize the executive to sign four contracts — totaling 417,667 — for tourism promotion? The contracts are with: Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce for $70,465; Mount Baker Foothills Chamber of Commerce for $62,202; Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism for $250,000 and Bellingham-Whatcom Chamber of Commerce for $35,000. The contracts fund operational expenses, including visitor centers and websites, incurred in the promotion of tourism in Whatcom County. The contracts expire on 12/31/2016. (AB2015-383/384/385/386) Approved 7-0

244. Authorize the executive to award the only bid of $210,055 to Hytech Roofing of Lynden for two roofing projects? The two projects are the Courthouse roof and the Central Plaza roof. Bid packets were sent to 12 plan centers and five general roofing contractors; one bid was received. (AB2015-388) Approved 7-0

245. Authorize the executive to award three bids — totaling $265,852 — for trucks? The low bid was: $123,458 from Corwin Ford of Pasco for four pickup trucks The only bids were: $53,219 from Wilson Motors of Bellingham for a high roof cargo van and $89,176 from Blade Chevrolet of Mount Vernon for two extended cab pickup trucks. (AB2015-389/390/391) Approved 7-0

246. Authorize the executive to sign a $40,804 contact (Amendment #1) with Pictometry International Corporation of Rochester, N.Y. to provide digital aerial imagery of Whatcom County? The original contract was approved at the 11/7/2012 meeting, vote #180. This amendment brings the total contract to $411,987. (2015-392) Approved 7-0

247. Authorize the executive to spend $132,853 to purchase a CommVault backup disk system from CDW Government LLC, of Vernon Hills, IL? Whatcom County Information Technology currently uses a tape system to back up the county computer servers. Backup to disk systems offers faster information storage that is also more efficient and secure than the current system. The purchase uses the King County Director’s Association Cooperative Purchasing Agreement Contract. (AB2015-393) Approved 7-0

248. Authorize the executive to sign six contracts (amendment #2) with the cities of Bellingham, Blaine, Everson, Ferndale, Lynden, and Sumas to provide continued jail services? The amendments extend the jail services for six months through 6/30/2016. (AB2015-394/394A/394B/394C/394D/394E) Approved 7-0

249. Amend the salary schedule and policies for unrepresented Whatcom County employees? This vote amends the salary schedule passed at the 12/9/2014 meeting, vote #260. The amendment aligns the salaries of unrepresented Whatcom County employees with those of union represented county employees in the salary schedule matrices. Employees covered by the alignment will receive a 3.3 percent salary increase, effective 1/1/2015, through 12/31/2016. AB2015-350 (Resolution 2015-054) Approved 7-0

250. Cancel $207,535 in uncollectable accounts? The accounts consist primarily of penalties resulting from Planning and Development Services code enforcement violations. The Finance and Accounting Office has determined these accounts as uncollectable. Some of the largest amounts owed: William and Mona Beckett, $17,000; John L. Lindell, $12,300; Guy Hovander, $11,200; Ruth H. Toews, $10,000; Charles Swifr $6,400; Barleans Construction, $6,300; Reijo Salminen $6,000; Silas Rier, $5,600; Matt Shafa $5,561; Maximillian Meshwa, $5,450 and Victor and Lyubov Fedchuck, $4,800. AB2015-358 (Resolution 2015-055) Approved 5-2, Barbara Brenner1 and Ken Mann opposed.

251. Convert the North Sound Mental Health Administration to a limited liability company? Through an interlocal agreement, Behavioral Health Organization provides mental health services to Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties. Beginning 4/1/2016, federal healthcare reforms require that Medicaid purchases of mental health services be made through a Behavioral Health Organization. The Mental Health Administration will be converted to the North Sound Behavioral Health Organization and will begin providing substance abuse treatment services in addition to general mental health services. AB2015-360 (Ordinance 2015-052) Adopted 7-0

252. Amend the 2015 budget (request #13) in the amount of $88,554? Appropriate: $78,796 to the sheriff’s office to fund reimbursable overtime increases – including for Goodell Creek Fire overtime, Operation Stonegarden (border security), and school-zone radars; $9,758 to reimburse a fund related to the trial court improvement fund transfer. AB2015-361 (Ordinance 2015-053) Adopted 7-0

253. Amend the 2016 budget (request #2) in the amount of $188,333? Appropriate: $100,000 to fund county defense of 2013 property valuations appeals by two Cherry Point refineries; $10,000 to fund Districting Master services for the creation of five voting districts in Whatcom County; $78,333 to fund the restoration of Sun House, which serves chronically homeless individuals experiencing mental health issues. AB2015-362 (Ordinance 2015-054) Adopted 7-0

254. Fill one vacancy on the Whatcom County Planning Commission? Stephen Jordan, Andrew Rowlson, Virginia Malmquist and Atu Deshmane applied for the District 2 vacancy. Andy Rowlson was appointed.

255. Appoint Tyler Schroeder to the position of deputy executive effective 1/4/2016? Confirmed 7-0

256. Delegate authority to the council chair to choose a member to serve on the state Board of Natural Resources? Delegated 6-1, Barbara Brenner2 opposed.

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