Whatcom County Council

Compiled by Barry MacHale

Action Taken at May 8, 2018 Meeting

Shall the council:
68. Update the Public Participation Plan? The Growth Management Act requires that counties create public participation programs for comprehensive plan and development regulation amendments. At the 9/13/2016 meeting, vote #159, and the 6/13/2017 meeting, vote #115, council voted to accept a draft Public Participation Plan. This vote removes the critical areas ordinanace update, inserts new statutory requirements and new docketed amendments and removes admendments that have completed the review process. (AB2018-147) Approved 5-1, Barbara Brenner opposed and Timothy Ballou absent.

69. Recognize the roles and duties of the Water Resource Inventory Area 1 (WRIA 1) planning unit and initiating governments? The initiating governments consists of Whatcom County, the Lummi Nation, the Nooksack tribe, the city of Bellingham and Public Utility District No. 1 of Whatcom County. The resolution addresses the issues of approval, information sharing, and oversight, as relate to water resources planning as defined by the Watershed Planning Act. AB2018-114 (Resolution 2018-016) Approved 4-2, Rud Browne and Satpal Sidhu opposed, Timothy Ballou absent.

70. Adopt amendments to the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan and the Whatcom County Code? (Public hearing held.) This vote repeals Ordinance 2018-001, passed at the 1/20/2018 meeting, vote #14, and Ordinance 2018-005, passed at the 2/13/2018 meeting, vote #27. These amendments cover buildings, construction, zoning, land division regulations, and the health code as all relate to the availability of water resources and the implementation of Washington State Senate Bill 6091. AB2018-129 (Ordinance 2018-020) Approved 4-2, Barbara Brenner and Tyler Byrd opposed, Timothy Ballou absent.

70a. The council requests the staff and the Water Utility Coordinating Committee work to provide recommendations to find affordable options or exceptions for people seeking water within an area where they are currently required to connect to private water district service? (AB2018-129) Approved 6-0, Timothy Ballou absent.

71. Amend the portion of the Whatcom County Code that relates to initiatives and referendums? In the November 3, 2015, general election, the voters of Whatcom County approved Charter Amendment 4 with 84.22 percent and Charter Amendment 5 with 50.84 percent, respectively. Proposition No. 4 increased ballot titles for initiatives and referendums from 20 to 40 words. Proposition No. 5 lowered the number of signatures required to place an initiative or referendum on the ballot, from 15 per cent of the total number of votes cast in the last general election to eight per cent of the total number of votes cast in the last regular gubernatorial election. This ordinance will amend Whatcom County Code section 1.08 to reflect changes to the Charter. AB2018-134 (Ordinance 2018-021) Approved 6-0, Timothy Ballou absent.

Action Taken at May 22, 2018 Meeting

Shall the council:
72. Appoint Kimberly Freeland to fill a vacancy on the Whatcom County Planning Commission? The Planning Commission assists Planning & Development Services in the preparation and execution of the Comprehensive Plan. There were two applicants — Tony Freeland and Kimberly Lund — for the District 1 partial term ending on 1/31/2021. Tony Freeland has a B.S. in civil engineering. He is president of Freeland and Associates, a consulting engineering company in Bellingham. Kimberly Lund is currently executive director of the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation, as well as the co-owner of the Heliotrope Hotel in Bellingham. She holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Washington. (AB2018-133) Approved 4-3, Barbara Brenner, Tyler Byrd and Satpal Sidhu opposed.

73. Authorize the executive to sign a $36,990 contract (amendment #2) with Northwest Youth Services for the transitional living program at Francis Place? The amendment adds additional funding for rental assistance to help support youth aged 18-21. Francis Place is a 42-unit supportive housing program managed and operated by Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services. The total amended amount is $442,652 and it expires on 12/31/2018. (AB2018-156) Approved 7-0

74. Authorize the executive to accept a $196,715 state grant for the toxic waste facilities? The grant provides funding for: the operation of the facility that provides for the disposal and recycling of moderate risk wastes; the operation of three rural waste oil stations; and operation of antifreeze collection stations. The grant requires $65,572 in local funds. The grant expires on 6/30/2019. (AB2018-157) Approved 7-0

75. Authorize the executive to accept a $134,811 state grant for solid waste compliance management? The grant will support the enforcement of solid waste handling standards; response to waste management inquires; investigation of waste management practices at approximately 600 solid waste complaint sites; the inspection of 16 solid waste handling facilities that are exempt from permitting and enforcement of littering and illegal dumping laws. The grant requires a local match of $44,937. The grant expires on 6/30/2019. (AB2018-158) Approved 7-0

76. Approve a five-year lease with Port of Bellingham for the property at 3720 Williamson Way? In 1981, Whatcom County constructed a 10,000 square foot building at 3720 Williamson Way on port property. The building was constructed with funds that require the use by persons with disabilities or other employment barriers. The Current Industries lease ended in 2010 and Chinook Enterprises in June 2016. In late 2016, the Port of Bellingham was contacted by the county about about the port proving real estate services for the building. At the Port Commission meeting on 2/21/2017, vote #23, the commission authorized the executive director to sign a real estate services agreement with Whatcom County. (AB018-159) Substitute approved 7-0

77. Revise the County Council meeting schedule for 2018? The Whatcom County Charter requires the council to meet 22 times per year. At the 9/26/2017 meeting, vote #178, the council voted to set the 2018 meeting dates. A meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, primary election day. This vote reschedules the meeting for Wednesday, August 8. AB2018-162 (Resolution 2018-017) Approved 7-0

78. Establish a 25 mph speed limit on certain Birch Bay area roads? (Public hearing held.) The speed limit will be applied to the Birch Point Loop; Bay Road 500 feet East of Jackson Rd. to Halibut Dr.; and the following plats: first, second and third Maple Crest Additions; Bernard and Beattys; Cottonwood Beach; Cottonwood Beach Park; Morgan Cottonwood Beach; Frosberg; Gordon Addition; Birch Bay West End Estates including first addition; Birch Bay Park including first addition; Bay View Terrace Amended; Parkland; Whispering Pines including first addition; Malibu Estates; and Woodhaven. AB2018-137 (Ordinance 2018-022) Adopted 7-0

79. Create a “Golf Cart Zone” on designated roads in the Birch Bay area? (Public hearing held.) The zone will include Birch Bay Drive and all Whatcom County roads that lead to, or are contiguous with, Birch Bay Dr. As per state law, roads within the zone are required to be posted at 25 mph. See vote #78 for the roads with 25 mph speed limit. AB2018-125 (Ordinance 2018-023) Amended and adopted 7-0

80. Amend fees for appeals to building codes? (Public hearing held.) Fees will be refunded if an appellant prevails in the appeal of decisions made by building officials, fire code officials and the director of planning and development services. AB2018-142 (Ordinance 2018-024) Adopted 7-0

81. Amend the 2018 budget (request #7) in the amount of $1,861,232? Appropriate: $515,000 to fund upgrade of audio-visual equipment at the Whatcom County District and Superior Courts; $2,000 to fund bridge renovation at the Stimson Nature Reserve; $53,487 to fund a Human Services supervisor position overseeing six program staff at the Health Department; $32,197 to fund housing services for individuals experiencing homelessness; $302,278 to fund supervison of staff providing homeless housing support at the Health Department; $100,000 to fund road repair and slope stabilization at the Lookout Mountain recreation area; $836,000 to fund roof replacement and HVAC upgrades at the Plantation Indoor Range; $11,500 to fund a direct digital control system for various county buildings; and $63,977 to fund salary, benefits, and other expenses supporting a construction coordinator/project manager position to oversee the construction of new crisis triage facility on Division Street; the courthouse envelope project; and any anticipated renovation projects at the main jail and/or work center. AB2018-150 (Ordinance 2018-025) Adopted 6-1, Tyler Byrd opposed.

82. Establish the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Special Revenue Fund? The fund will be used to track and account for revenues provided through the Washington State levy that are used to provide support for individuals with developmental disabilities or who require mental health services. AB2018-151 (Ordinance 2018-026) Adopted 7-0

83. Close the Potter Road/South Fork Bridge No. 148 replacement project fund? The fund was established at the 11/20/2012 meeting, vote #201, to replace the 360’ two-span concrete girder bridge. The estimateed cost for the project was $9,600,000, with $7,700,000 in federal funds. The project is complete and the fund is no longer required. The Nooksack tribe contributed $1,000,000 in funding, lowering the funding amount required from the county. The balance of $1,157,316 will be returned to the road fund. AB2018-152 (Ordinance 2018-027) Adopted 7-0

84. Close the 2015 county roadway safety program fund? At the 11/25/2014 meeting, vote #222, the council established the fund and a $750,000 project-based budget. Federal funds accounted for approximately $600,000. The program addressed road safety concerns through signage, rumble strips, and high-friction surface treatments. The project is complete and the remaining balance of $54,817 will be returned to road fund. AB2018-153 (Ordinance 2018-028) Adopted 7-0

85. Close the Cedar Hills/Euclid stormwater improvements project fund? At the 11/25/2014 meeting, vote #234, the council established the fund and a $630,000 project-based budget. The 62 acre sub-basin retrofit included rain gardens, bioinfiltration swales, infilitration facilities, filter vaults, flow control, and erosion stabilization. The primarily target is bacteria and phosphorus removal. The project is complete and the remaining balance of $414 will be returned to the real estate excise tax fund. AB2018-154 (Ordinance 2018-029) Adopted 7-0

86. Create a Whatcom County Business and Commerce Advisory Committee? The committee will advise the County Council on regulations and policies that impact local businesses, industry, and/or economic development in the county. The committee will be composed of 15 members serving four year terms. Four government enties will be represented and members representing Internet technology, manufacturing, food processing, recreation, retail, marine trades, commercial real estate, two institutions of higher education and two types of undesignated businesses. AB2018-132A (Ordinance 2018-030) Substitute adopted 7-0


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