Support April Barker for Mayor

I write to urge my fellow Bellinghamites to vote in the upcoming November 5th election and to support April Barker to be Bellingham’s next mayor. As an outgoing member of the City Council, April has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our city and, importantly, how the Mayor’s office can and should engage with the issues at hand. Increasing housing costs, high rates of homelessness and approaching changes to our city’s quality of life posed by fast increasing growth are all at the forefront of April’s platform and mind. She possesses an authentic respect and knowledge of our community and will preside over an administration closely connected and in communication with its constituents. Finally, as I witnessed in a recent mayoral debate the City Club, April is unafraid to speak out with a positive and thoughtful tone on difficult and uncomfortable issues such as the changing demographic composition of our city and country, racial inequities and the need to engage those of us with privilege to become involved and hold space for a more equitable tomorrow. She also showed a keen grasp of public policy and the importance of naming specifics with her vision going forward. Rather than stand by as Bellingham moves ever closer to becoming a luxury community where only certain people can afford to live, it’s time to address affordability and name the difficult issues head on. I’ve witnessed April in action and she’s the real deal. Vote April Barker for Mayor on November 5th.

Kyle Davidson, MPH

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