Soliciting Articles for Publication


Whatcom Watch editor Sally Hewitt.

As the editor of Whatcom Watch, I’m constantly on the lookout for new writers and oftensolicit articles for publication. This month, we’re putting out the call for experienced writers.

Whatcom Watch has no reporters per se and is mainly a volunteer organization. We depend on people in the community to write articles about their areas of interest and expertise. Does this description fit you? If so, please contact me at editor@

We prefer longer, in-depth articles about local environmental and governmental topics — 1,200 to 1,500 words comprise most of our columns. Longer articles might contain 3,000 or more words. We offer a bio space of up to 50 words. Articles are published in both our print paper and our online version.

Our deadlines occur on the first week of every month (except for our October/November issue). Edited articles are sent back to writers for their approval, and writers are able to look their articles over once again in layout form.

Steve Bunin, of KING5 News, showcases our above-the-fold articles every month on his “Above the Fold” news show. It’s an opportunity to get writers’ names out there in the Pacific Northwest.

Again, if you have a topic you’d like to write about, please contact me at editor@

And, a monumental thank you to people who have already written for Whatcom Watch, continue to write for Whatcom Watch, and to those of you who advertise with us and/or support us through subscription donations. We owe our upcoming 30 years of publishing (1992-2022) to all of you.


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