Salish Sea Facts

Salish Sea Facts

 Shoreline length, including mainland and island shores: 5,850 miles

 Number of islands: about 400

 Estuarine waters: 6,874  miles

 Watersheds: about 45

 Watershed land area: 124,000 miles

 Fraser River freshwater contribution: 50 percent

 Strait of Georgia surface area: 3,500 miles

 Strait of Georgia average depth: 509 feet

 Puget Sound average depth: 450 feet 

 Salish Sea maximum depth: 2,133 feet

 Total surrounding population: about 9 million

 Southern resident orca population: 74 – lowest number in three decades

 Existing salmon barrier culverts: 799

 Lost, abandoned fishing nets removed: 5,811

 Estimated marine animals trapped in nets before removal: 11,976,195 annually

Sources: “State of the Salish Sea,” Wikipedia

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