Reader Applauds Whatcom Land Trust Profile

To the Editor

Congratulations to Whatcom Watch on publishing the uplifting story featuring Gabe Epperson and the Whatcom County treasure that he directs — The Whatcom Land Trust. Our community needs more such lenses to spotlight the many progressive programs that are ongoing daily in our county.

In my experience as a volunteer land steward for the past four years, all the plaudits given this organization and its employees, present and past, are well deserved. They are a hard working, half-full and forward looking lot of optimists. They see the Nooksack River, Lake Whatcom and all the streams of the county as half full while working to keep them flowing with cool, clear and clean water. No “glass half-empty” people need apply. 

All of those green splotches on the county map seem like a drop in the bucket relative to what is needed to be preserved, but, hey, they are there, secured for the long run and contributing daily to the fight against climate change. And they are growing. 

I would invite all of readers who are not yet involved (and I know many are) to donate your time and money to keep this movement and our county green and thriving. 

Ron Kleinknecht, Bellingham

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