Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Bill McCallum

Action Taken at March 7, 2023 Meeting

Shall the commission:
19. Transfer a lease from Fathom Seafood 2 LLC to Alaska Ice Seafoods, d/b/a Fathom Seafood? On 6/18/2021, Dominion Fisheries signed a two-year lease for 207 Harris Street in Fairhaven. The commercial aquaculture company prepared and processed crab and other seafood products. At the 2/15/2022 meeting, vote #28, a lease was transferred from Dominion Fisheries to Fathom Seafoods 2 LLC. Dominion Fisheries partnered with Alaska Ice Seafood to form Fathom Seafood 2 LLC. The monthly rent will continue at $1,210. (12462/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

20. Authorize the executive director to accept an anticipated federal grant for the 2023 portion of the construction of the Foxtrot taxiway? At the 4/19/2022 meeting, vote #44, the commission awarded the low bid for the relocation of the Foxtrot taxiway to the Colacurcio Brothers of Blaine. The project was substantially completed in December 2022, at $4.1 million or approximately 68 percent over budget. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill entitles the Bellingham airport to $13.73 million over five years, ending in 2026. In 2022, $2.8 million was reimbursed and $1.3 million is anticipated in 2023. (12463/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

Action Taken at March 21, 2023 Meeting

Shall the commission:
21. Authorized the executive director to sign an agreement with the city of Bellingham and Whatcom County for a governmental affairs consultant? The first agreement was approved at the 1/22/2013 meeting, vote #22, the port was responsible for $30,000 or one-third of the total $90,000 under the agreement. The revised port payment in this agreement will be $48,000 for a total of $144,000. (12571/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

22. Change a meeting date from Tuesday, May 16 to Tuesday, May 23, 2023? The May 16 meeting will conflict with the spring meeting of the Washington Public Ports Association. Executive Director Ken Bell and commissioner Ken Bell will attend. (12572/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

23. Amend the budget to allow the installation of an additional 31 security cameras at the Bellingham airport? The budget was increased from $300,000 to $420,000. At the 6/16/2020 meeting, vote #52, the commission awarded a low bid to Security Cameras of Dallas, Texas, for the instillation of nine security cameras at the Bellingham airport. The only bidder for the instillation of 31 new cameras to cover the main parking lot and economy lot was Sail Electric of Bellingham. All entrances and exists will be covered, with license plates and faces of customers recorded. (12569/Consent Agenda I) Approved 3-0

24. Renew the leases for three businesses at the portal container village? The Selkie Sisters d/b/a The Selkie Scoop (ice cream sales and manufacturing) on 6/21/2021, entered in a property lease in the Waterfront District. Sun-E-Land E-Bikes (sales, rental and repair of electric bicycles) on 9/24/2021, entered into a property lease in the Waterfront District. J Dub’s Filling Station d/b/a/ The Filling Station Presents The Rain or Shine Riviera (full service restaurant) on 10/11/2021, entered into a property lease in the Waterfront District. All three leases that expired on 12/31/2023 are terminated. The businesses have signed new leases than run from 4/1/2023 through 12/31/2027. The they pay a monthly base fee plus utilities, services and 3 percent of gross sales. (12574/Consent Agenda G) Approved 3-0  

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