Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Bill McCallum

Action Taken at March 5, 2019 Meeting

Shall the commission:
31. Authorize the executive director to award the low bid of $335,320 to Barron Heating and Air Conditioning of Ferndale for air handling units? The Fairhaven Station units have been in operation for 24 years and are requiring more frequent repairs; the new units will be more energy-efficient. Five bids were received, the high bid was $458,714. (8379/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

32. Authorize the executive director to sign a $19,651 contract (amendment #3) with BergerABAM of Federal Way for design and permitting of the Blaine Harbor bulkhead replace project? In 2016, an assessment determined that approximately 1,350 linear feet of bulkhead was in poor to critical condition. The bulkheads are beneath two buildings owned by Boundary Fish Company, Inc and Star Fish, Inc. Replacement of bulkheads beneath buildings presents a number of challenges due to limited access and insufficient overhead clearance to construct new bulkheads using conventional installation techniques. Conventional installation techniques would require partial or complete demolition of these buildings. This contract amendment consists of a site assessment, an alternative analysis, a rough order of magnitude cost estimate and a recommended alternative for each site. This amendment brings the total contract to $283,798. (8378/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

33. Authorize the executive director to sign a $22,934 energy audit funding authorization with the state of Washington? At the 10/16/2018 meeting, vote #148, the first project was the the installation of solar panels at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. A detailed audit of port facilities (Squalicum Esplanade, Bayview Center Building, Underground Garage, Bellwether Building, and 625 Cornwall) will determine energy savings and the maximum cost of the project. Integrity Energy Services of Bellevue has been selected to perform the audit and to develop an energy services proposal. If project criteria are met and the port decides not to proceed, the port will be obligated to pay the audit fee. (8376/Action Item 1) Approved 3-0

Action Taken at March 19 Meeting

Shall the commission:
34. Authorize the sale of one vessel for the nonpayment of moorage fees? An auction is scheduled to be held in the Blaine Harbor office on April 12 for a 38-foot sailboat with unpaid moorage fees of $4,244. (8398/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

35. Authorize the executive director to sign a letter of understanding with the federal government and the state of Washington to achieve a runway safety area? The preferred improvement option letter is with the Federal Aviation Administration, the state Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to achieve compliance with the northeast corner of runway 16. Two workshops developed six options. Options 1 was selected as the preferred option; an earthen embankment with a one-way road inside the restricted access area. (8399/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

36. Authorize the executive director to sign documents for a $57,974 loan to Booda Organics of Bellingham? The company manufactures body care products; moisturizer, lip balm, bar soap, deodorant and laundry soap. The loan will allow the company to expand the product line and put the product in 100 percent biodegradable paper tube packaging. Payments will be $1,068 monthly for 60 months. (8393/Action Item 1) Approved 3-0

37. Authorize the executive director to sign a $95,085 contract with RMC Architects of Bellingham to provide design, permitting and estimating support for six capital improvements projects? RMC will coordinate services with Kingworks Consulting Engineers of Bellingham; Fsi Consulting Engineers of Seattle, K Engineers of Lynden and DCW Cost Management of Seattle. Bid and permit documents will be prepared for security enhancements for Bellingham airport administrative offices; exterior repairs at the Harbor Center building; restrooms repairs at the Bayview Center; water lines replacement at Bella Marine and the former Island Mariner location; replace the roof at 530 W. Front Street in Sumas and clean and reseal the exterior of Marina Square. The contingency fee of $9,515 brings the total contract to $104,600. (8394/Action Item 2) Approved 3-0

38. Update the weblocker rules, regulations and rates handbook for Blaine Harbor and Squalicum Harbor? These revision are associated with weblocker administration and assignment. The port maintains eight webhouses at the two locations to accommodate the commercial fishing fleet. The weblocker rules were last revised in 2009, since then the demand has increased with a current waiting list. The revised policies will free up additional weblockers, address the changing demands and provide clarity for port staff. Input to the revisions were provided by the Marina Advisory Committee, Whatcom Commercial Fishermen’s Association, Waterfront Coalition, weblocker tenants and the port commission. Resolution 1354-C (8395/Action Item 3) Approved 3-0

39. Approve weblocker assignments for Blaine Harbor and Squalicum Harbor? Two staff weblocker recommendations require commission approval. One is to assign existing unrecognized weblocker subleases to current weblocker users and the second is the assignment of marine commercial/trades customers that are requesting approval to continue use of their existing weblocker. (8396/Action Item 4) Approved 3-0

40. Support the continuation of the Alaska ferry service to Bellingham? Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has proposed dramatically cutting the ferry service to balance the state budget. Declining oil production has projected a $1.6 billion deficit. The Alaska Marine Highway System has not not scheduled trips from October 2019 through June 2020. (Resolution 1382) Approved 3-0

41. Authorize the executive director to sign and receive a new memorandum of understanding or issue a termination notice for the current memorandum of understanding by 3/31/2019? At the 6/18/2013 meeting, vote #105, the commission approved a memorandum of understanding with Western Washington University and Western Crossings Development for the creation of a university facility in the Waterfront District? Western Crossings Development is a non-profit corporation created in 2009 for the purpose of planning a public/private waterfront facility. An approximate six acre area will be developed for university use in the Waterfront District. At the 5/16/2017 meeting, vote #69, the Western Crossing site was relocated to the southwest to exclude the Boardmill Building and Laurel Street and be near a proposed hotel, conference center, housing and restaurants. Approved 3-0


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