Port of Bellingham Commission

Action Taken at December 11, 2018 Meeting

Shall the commission:
169. Approve nominations for commissioners to serve on the following organizations and committees? See endnote for details. (7982/Action Item 2) Approved 3-0

170. Authorize the executive director to sign a temporary parking license with Harcourt Development of Dublin, Ireland, for the Granary Building? Harcourt will reimburse the port for 50 percent of the estimated $123,669 in construction costs and 50 percent of the fees charged to building tenants. At the 3/31/2015 meeting, vote #53, the commission approved the $200,000 sale of the Granary Building to Harcourt. The remodeling of the Granary Building is almost complete and the city requires nine parking spaces. The license grants Harcourt use of up to 44 spaces in the 88-space parking lot that is currently under construction on the south side of Granary Avenue. The license will be in effect no longer than 10 years. (7983/Action Item 3) Approved 3-0

171. Authorize the executive director to sign a memorandum of understanding for up to $188,250 with Corix Utilities Systems of Victoria, B.C., to develop an energy implementation strategy for the Waterfront District? At the 11/7/2017 meeting, vote #141, the commission approved $555,446 contract with Razz Construction to install a “four-pipe” shared heating system. Corix is committed to delivering a strategy that is innovative, proven, cost-effective and environmentally sound. (7984/Action Item 4) Approved 3-0

172. Update guidelines for compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act? The guidelines were first approved in 1984 and updated multiple times with the most recent at the 4/17/2007 meeting, vote #57. The new guidelines reflect changes in state legislation and SEPA guidelines. This is a houskeeping item. (Resolution 1380) 7985/Action Item 5 Approved 3-0

173. Reaffirm Chmelik, Sitkin, & Davis as the port’s legal counsel for 2019? The firm’s hourly rate will remain $275.00, for principals, and actual billing rates for associates and paralegals. (7986/Consent Agenda A) Approved 3-0

174. Small Works Roster. Contracts under $300,000 fall within the executive director’s spending authority; they only require commission notification. Temporary Waterfront District parking lot: $123,669. (7988/Consent Agenda F) Approved 3-0

175. Reappoint Jim Kyle to the Marine Advisory Committee for another three-year term? The Marine Advisory Committee was created in 1991. Jim Kyle was initially appointed to the committee in 2003. Current committee members: Paul Burrill (Chair), Jim Kyle (Vice Chair), Peter Border, Dave King, Byron Richards, Dick Cathell, Linda Thomson, Robert Brooks, Ross Tennant, Julie Winkler, Loren Kapp, Jon Alexander, Gene Knutson ex-officio City of Bellingham, and Charlie Hawkins ex-officio City of Blaine. (7990/Consent Agenda H) Approved 3-0

176. Authorize the executive director to spend $38,806 to repair a fire truck? The side storage doors were damaged during a training excerise. The doors are no longer available from the manufacturer, so they were custom fabricated. The repair work is covered by insurance. (7994/Consent Agenda J) Approved 3-0

177. Authorize the executive director to sign an estoppel certificate, consent and agreement with Cohanim Bellwether D? This is the last of four building Cohanim is constracting at Bellwether on the Bay. Building D will have 45 residential units on three upper floors and a ground floor with water-oriented commercial uses. This agreement is necessary for Cohanim to obtain its construction loan. (7999/Consent Agenda M) Approved 3-0

178. Adopt rules, regulations and rates handbook for Blaine Harbor, Squalicum Harbor and Bellingham Cruise Terminal? The purpose of the handbook is to promote the safe and efficient operation of Blaine Harbor, Squalicum Harbor and Bellingham Cruise Terminal. The handbook (Resolution 1354) was initially approved at the 10/4/2016 meeting, vote #168, and updated at the 12/19/2017 meeting, vote #164. This update makes no changes to the rules and regulations. Resolution 1354-B (8000/Consent Agenda N) Approved 3-0

179. Authorize the executive director to sign an agreement with the city of Bellingham to share the cost and maintenance of a boathouse for a fireboat? The city sold a fire-fighting boat in late 2011; city staff said expenses in maintaining the aging boat could not be justified. On 3/30/2012, less than six months after the boat was sold a Squalicum Harbor fire killed two people and destroyed 12 boats. The port pledged half the matching funds ($125,000) for the new vessel and will provide moorage. At the 10/28/2014 meeting, vote #232, the city received a $750,000 federal grant to purchase a fire-fighting vessel and named it the Salish Star. It cost the port $325,674 to build the boathouse; the city of Bellingham is responsible for $162,837 and ongoing maintenance costs. (8001/Consent Agenda O) Approved 3-0

180. Authorize the executive director to sign an addendum with the city of Bellingham and Whatcom County regarding a coordinated approach to funding and contracting with the Small Business Development Center? The center is located at Western Washington University. At the 11/15/2016 meeting, vote #187, vote #188, the commission authorized the executive director to sign a three-year service agreement with the city and county for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. This addendum is for the years 2019 -– 2021. Services include business retention, business expansion, assistance to start-ups, research and data support, and marketing efforts. The port is committed to, pending budget approval, the following: 2019 – $478,774, 2020 – $487,700 and 2021 – $496,894. (8003/Action Item 6) Approved 3-0

181. Appoint Industrial Development Corporation officers and establish the date, time and location of meetings for 2018? (Commission meeting as the Industrial Development Corporation.) President: Bobby Briscoe; vice president: Ken Bell; secretary: Michael Shepard and Tamara Sobjack treasurer. IDC meetings will be convened as needed, in conjunction with commission meetings. (8005/IDC Agenda Items 1/2) Approved 3-0

182. Designate the director of finance as the official responsible for informing the public of the port’s intent to issue tax-exempt bonds? The designation expires on 1/31/2020. 8006/Consent Agenda B (Resolution 1183-P) Approved 3-0

183. Adopt rental revenue standards for 2019? There is a slight increase in average lease rates for class “A” office and class “A” and “B” retail rates. All other categories have a slight decrease or minimal changes. (8007/Consent Agenda D) Approved 3-0

184. Authorize the executive director to sign an agreement with the city of Blaine to develop design standards specific to the Wharf District? The port and city of Blaine jointly developed the Wharf District Master Plan in 2007. The port and the city shall mutually agree on the selection of a consultant to develop design standards. The port and the city will equally share funding of consultant services.The city of Blaine shall contract for the design services and the port will compensate the city. (8009/Consent Agenda E) Approved 3-0

185. Appoint officers for 2018? Bobby Briscoe as president; Ken Bell as vice president and Michael Shepard as secretary. (8010/Action Item 1) Approved 3-0

186. Approve the 2017 budget for the Industrial Development Corporation? The budget anticipates revenues of $6,125 and expenditures of $700. The motion authorizes the IDC treasurer to approve distribution and payment of IDC funds, and authorize the IDC treasurer to approve the distribution and payment of IDC funds in conjunction with the budget. (7210/IDC Agenda Item 4) Approved 3-0


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