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Boris Schleinkofer, poetrywatch editor

“When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.” — John F. Kennedy

Poetry has a voice in our community, and the Whatcom Watch is adding to its chorus. You all love poetry, right? Well, here you go!

Subject matter is unlimited, but poetry featuring or specific to Whatcom County and issues addressed by Whatcom Watch (government, the environment and media) will likely get first preference.

Let’s try to keep it to around 25 lines; otherwise, we might have to edit your work to fit. Don’t make yourself unprintable.

Send poems and your short, two- or three-sentence bios as a word document attachment to poetry@whatcomwatch.org.

The deadline is the first day of the month.

Please understand that acceptance and final appearance of pieces are subject to space constraints and editorial requirements. By submitting, authors give Whatcom Watch express permission for first-time publication rights in paper and electronic editions of current or future volumes of Whatcom Watch.


by Bob Markey

My nine year old computer expired.
Computer Store people say they might
be able to make repairs, but it
will soon be “outdated” anyway.
Was it designed to do so? I mean
planned obsolescence!
When starting college in the forties, my
wife purchased a manual Smith
Corona typewriter … its demise
occurred sixty years later! Where, oh
where are you now Smith Corona … when
we need you? The Computer Store folks
and their suppliers would say that Smith
Corona built typing machines … were
not business people!

Bob Markey delivered Whatcom Watch newspapers in Bellingham for over 12 years. Last year he moved to Enumclaw to be near his children.

Before Solstice

by Rick Hermann

winter shadows/winter light
combine to re-invent the air

I breathe

all night the
tide pools suckle
at the moon’s breast
rising and falling
in ancient rhythm

glimmer of gray
Salish Sea turns
before clouds
disappear the moon

pouring water as grace

we have this whole winter
to be engulfed in dark rains
to discover Earth’s
still point
in the long dream
of December

Rick Hermann lives and writes on Alabama Hill in Bellingham. His new book, “Nooksack, Poems and Prose” was published December 3, 2016.  ISBN/EAN13:0985807423 / 9780985807429

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