Bellingham City Council

Action Taken at November 5, 2018 Meeting

Shall the council:
173. Spend $6,000 to purchase a quarter-acre parcel located between 25th Street on the east and the Interurban Trail on the west? The purchase will help the city protect the Interurban Trail and wildlife habitat corridors in the area. Purchased with Greenway funds. (Discussed in Executive Session) Approved 7-0

174. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement to provide automatic aid to Fire Districts #4 and #21? The Bellingham Fire Department has been working cooperatively with Whatcom County Fire District 4 and Whatcom County Fire District 21 (collectively known as North Whatcom Fire & Rescue) to provide fire protection services to areas near the north and east portions of the city. At the 3/17/2008 meeting, vote #60, the council approved for an orderly transition of fire services for the East Bakerview/James Street and Dewey Valley/Mt. Baker Highway annexations. At the 4/12/2010 meeting, vote #75, for impacts for the Van Wyck/James Street annexation. At the 12/7/2015 meeting, vote #237, for the E. Bakerview/Mt. Baker Hwy area. These agreements allows for the dispatch of the closest appropriate resources to emergency calls regardless of the service area. (AB22112) Approved 7-0

175. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with Whatcom County not to exceed $59,000 to maintain the Crisis Triage Facility? This agreement provides financial assistance for programs and services that address alcoholism and other drug addictions. The Crisis Triage Facility located at 2030 Division Street, Bellingham, offers behavioral health treatment on-site 24 hours daily, seven days weekly, by providing eight beds dedicated to detox services and five beds dedicated to providing mental health stabilization services, as well as treatment of opiate withdrawal and discharge planning and connection to community or in-patient treatment providers.The agreement runs from 1/1/2019 through 12/31/2019. (AB22116) Approved 7-0

176. Appropriate $3,326,374 for payroll checks issued from October 11, 2018 through October 25, 2018? (AB22117) Approved 7-0

177. Appropriate $4,614,646 for goods and services checks issued from October 13, 2018 through October 26, 2018? (AB22118/22119) Approved 6-0, Dan Hammill excused.

178. Reduce fees for accessory dwelling units? The fees will be reduced to $2,600 by reducing the impact fees to one-half the current multifamily rate and exempting attached ADUs that utilize pre-existing space in a home from all fees? The intent of these recommendations from the Planning Commission is to encourage this form of housing by reducing the up-front costs associated with the construction of ADUs. At the 5/21/2018 meeting, vote #73, the council voted to revise the accessory dwelling unit ordinance and adopted the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Planning Commission. Council reasons that an impact fee exemption is appropriate for attached and detached ADUs that involve a conversion of existing habitable space with an existing house or accessory building i.e., no increase in square footage, as the impact from the improvements have already been accounted for with the original structure. AB21922 (Ordinance 2018-11-022) Approved 7-0

179. Accept a 5.25-acre property donation from Filippini LLC? The property is located at the corner of James Street and Telegraph Road, is comprised of wetlands, Baker Creek, and their buffers and therefore has very limited development potential. Donation of this parcel would provide the city an ecologically important and functional link in the Baker Creek corridor, and provide mitigation through preservation for the owner’s future development on a nearby parcel. City staff has reviewed the title and obtained a clean environmental site assessment. Closing costs are estimated at about $1,000 and maintenance of the property is estimated at $500 annually. Future wetland and/or riparian enhancements may be sought from grants. AB22096 (Ordinance 2018-11-023) Approved 7-0

180. Establish short-term rental regulations? (Public hearing held at June 18 meeting.) Short-term rentals are defined as a lodging use, other than a hotel or motel, in which a dwelling unit or portion thereof is provided to guests for a fee for fewer than 30 consecutive nights (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.). Key issues resolved involve the length of time the residence must be occupied by the property owner, and for how long they may be rented. More information can be found at: AB21982 (Ordinance 2018-11-024) Approved 5-2, Dan Hammill and April Barker opposed.

181. Enact an emergency ordinance concerning bed and breakfast facilities? A public hearing must be held within 60 days of passing an emergency ordinanace. This measure addresses the local housing problem and replaces the term bed and breakfast with short-term rental in the Bellingham Municipal Code. (Emergency Ordinance 2018-11-025) Approved 7-0

Action Taken at November 19, 2018 Meeting

Shall the council:
182. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with the Port of Bellingham for the installation, operation and maintenance of port fiber conduit along portions of Roeder Avenue and C Street? The city is preparing to commence a public works project to repair asphalt pavement, remove and/or replace sidewalks, and install underground city conduit along Roeder Avenue between. The bid will be awarded at the council meeting on 12/10/2018, the paving completion date is estimated to be 5/17/2019. The city will include certain port elements within the project at the port’s expense, including conduit to house fiber optic cable that will serve adjacent port properties. All costs are to be reimbursed by the port. (AB22126) Approved 7-0

183. Endorse a HomesNOW proposal for a temporary encampment? The non-profit organization, HomesNOW!, submitted a proposal for a temporary encampment for approximately three months, from December 1 until the end of Febuary 2019. Up to 20 tents and 40 people who are homeless will camp in part of a parking lot behind City Hall at 210 Lottie St. during the coldest parts of this coming winter. Called Winter Haven, the tent encampment would be managed by HomesNOW! The city will bring power and water to the site. (AB22130) Approved 7-0

184. Establish an application process and procedure for filling interim City Council vacancies? The application document has been developed using city of Bellingham software to allow for submission on the city of Bellingham website. Further information can be found at (AB22131) Approved 6-1, Michael Lilliquist opposed.

185. Appropriate $3,478,795 for payroll checks issued from October 26 through November 9, 2018? (AB22133) Approved 7-0

186. Appropriate $3,852,702 for goods and services checks issued from October 27 through November 9, 2018? (AB22134/22135) Approved 7-0

187. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement (amendment #1) with the state of Washington for the Squalicum Creek reroute and biotic integrity improvement project? This extension allows the phase 3 to be constructed in conjunction with phase 4 which maximizes cost efficiencies and staff resources and reduces construction impacts on the community. The total funding amount remains unchanged. At the 1/25/2016 meeting, vote #14, the city received $500,000 in grant funding, a loan of $616,880 and $205,627 in forgivable principal. At the 2/8/2016 meeting, vote #29, the council appropriated $1,322,507 for phase 3 of the Squalicum Creek reroute and biotic integrity improvements project. A new stream channel will bypass Bug Lake to decrease stream temperatures and improve dissolved oxygen levels and the culverts that are presently a barrier to fish passage. This amendment extends the contract from 7/30/2018 to 7/31/2021. (AB22137) Approved 7-0

188. Set December 12 in the council chambers at 6:00 p.m. for a public hearing before the Bellingham Hearing Examiner to consider a street vacation petition for the unimproved portion of Rimland Drive in the Barkley Neighborhood? Talbot Real Estate/Barkley Company has submitted a petition for the city to vacate the unimproved portion of Rimland Drive generally located between the eastern terminus of the improved portion of Rimland Drive and Barkely Boulevard in the Barkley neighborhood. AB22136 (Resolution 2018-33) Approved 7-0

189. Establish the 2019 property tax levy? (Public hearing held at October 22 meeting.) Each year, the City Council establishes the property tax levy rates for the following year. The city is allowed up to a 1 percent increase per year. The proposed 2019-2020 biennial budget is $618 million. A city ordinance reflecting this action is due in the county assessor office by November 30. A one percent increase in the property tax levy amount will result in approximately $224,000 of additional revenue. AB22094 (Ordinance 2018-11-026) Approved 7-0

190. Approve the Bennett/Bakerview/Airport Drive annexation? (Public hearing held at October 22 meeting.) The annexation consists of approximately 174-acres located within the city’s Northern Urban Growth Area. The jobs in the annexation area are 75 percent industrial, 15 percent commercial and 10 percent retail. At the 11/19/2007 meeting, vote #248, the council initiated the review process to annex the Bennett/Bakerview/Airport Drive area. The property owners within the annexation area submitted a 75 percent annexation petition on 7/16/2009 and the county assessor issued a certificate of sufficiency on 7/31/2009. The annexation area was forwarded to the Whatcom County Boundary Review Board and was accepted on 3/31/2010. At the 7/23/2018 meeting, vote #105, the council voted to reimburse the county for lost tax revenue and road improvements. AB22090 (Ordinance 2018-11-027) Approved 7-0

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