Oct/Nov 2022 (volume 31, issue )

Post Point Project Abandoned

by Luisa Loi After five years of study, discussion and planning, the Bellingham City Council abandoned its Post Point project in light of new cost projections — more than .1 billion to fund the project over the span of 15 … Continue reading

Whatcom County Uses WasteWise Tool

by Tyler Brown Simply put, WasteWise (www.whatcomcounty.us/wastewise) is an interactive database tailored to Whatcom County that allows residents to quickly find out how and where to safely get rid of unwanted items. Some of them can go into the trash … Continue reading

Two Road Trips for This Fall

by Joe Meche Alberta Bound Not only was “Alberta Bound” one of my favorite Gordon Lightfoot songs back in the day, but it was also the theme of our annual fall getaway this year. In the planning stages, we decided … Continue reading

Proposition 5 Will Help Our Kids

To the Editor, This year voters in Whatcom County have an opportunity to support kids — making sure children under 5 have access to early learning in every corner of the county, and that vulnerable and at-risk children and families … Continue reading

RE Sources’ Workshops for Educators

As a Washington state clock hour provider, RE Sources offers professional development to Whatcom County educators through their Sustainable Schools program. They want teachers and students alike to see firsthand that together our actions make a difference. ClimeTime: Hope & … Continue reading

Protecting the Environment for the Next Seven Generations

by Ed Johnstone Every generation owes it to the next seven generations to protect the environment. At the rate populations are growing and the climate is changing, it’s getting harder and harder to be optimistic about what will be left … Continue reading

Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Bill McCallum Action Taken at August 9, 2022 Meeting Shall the commission: 97. Authorize the executive director to accept a million grant from Whatcom County for the rural broadband construction project? The Economic Development Investment Board and … Continue reading

Whatcom County Council

Compiled by Barry MacHale Action Taken at August 9, 2022 Meeting Shall the Council: 194. Authorize the executive to accept a 0,000 state grant for refugee stabilization services? It will provide state funding to support basic-needs assistance for approximately 40 … Continue reading

Bellingham City Council

Action Taken at August 1, 2022 Meeting Shall the council: 133. Request the council president and administration to formulate a resolution in support of the six-year countywide Emergency Medical Services levy? The Whatcom County Council at the 7/26/2022 meeting, vote … Continue reading

Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy

by Robin Barker Our democratic system is under threat, and, once again, the League of Women Voters (LWV) stands ready in its defense. Founded in 1920, shortly before the ratification of the 19th Amendment winning women the right to vote, … Continue reading

Elegy for the Oyster Clearcut

by Sarah Gardam Ever wonder what a Department of Natural Resources (DNR)-approved clearcut of public forestland looks like after the fact? Our Whatcom County field team got a close look at the wreckage when we walked the recently cut Oyster … Continue reading

Primary Election – 2022

Primary Election 2022:  Primary Election – 22

How Green Is “Green” Hydrogen, Really?

by Ray Kamada As the northernmost county on the U.S. West Coast, Whatcom land is low-lying, not very windy, often cloud-shrouded, and expensive, all of which renders it ill-suited for utility scale solar and wind farms. Indeed, our sunniest acreage … Continue reading

Full Bloom Farm Receives Grant

by Elisabeth Marshall Editor’s Note: This is the last column by Elisabeth Marshall in 2022 — her column will resume in late spring 2023. We have been very well-fed this summer — a neighbor’s delectable corn — generously shared, fresh … Continue reading

poetry watch

“When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.” — John F. Kennedy Do … Continue reading