February 2021 (volume 30, issue 2)

Once Hearty “Hooligans” Declining in the Salish Sea

by Eric Wagner This article was first published in the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound. A river spawning species of forage fish known as the longfin smelt is rare and getting rarer in the Salish Sea. Biologists are looking into the mysterious … Continue reading

Solar Industry Has Grown in Whatcom County

by Giovanni Roverso Environmental laws have been burgeoning in Washington state recently, despite the federal downplaying of environmental stewardship under the Trump administration. Governor Jay Inslee announced an array of new climate-related policy proposals in mid-December 2020. If passed, these … Continue reading

California or Bust!

by Joe Meche After a proper period of quarantine on both sides, Cindy and I headed south the day after Christmas for a New Year’s visit with my sister and nephew. We planned to settle in to our headquarters for … Continue reading

Reader Found Advertisement Offensive

I was disheartened to see a sidebar ad in the January issue featuring an anthropomorphic cow holding a sign reading “COW LIVES MATTER,” (See January issue, page 5). The Black Lives Matter movement is about people. Real human beings. The … Continue reading

A Big Step Towards Accountability for Habitat Impacts

by Lorraine Loomis Habitat loss and damage is the driving factor for the decline of salmon in our region. It doesn’t discriminate and never stops. Every hour of every day it kills salmon, including salmon listed under the federal Endangered … Continue reading

Whatcom County Council

compiled by Barry MacHale Action Taken at December 8, 2020 Meeting Shall the council: 249. Authorize the executive to sign a ,668 contract (amendment #7) with Action Cleaning Services of Bremerton for custodial services? At the 3/22/2016 meeting, vote #50, … Continue reading

Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Bill McCallum Action Taken at December 8, 2020 Meeting Shall the commission: 114. Reaffirm Chmelik, Sitkin, & Davis as the port’s legal counsel for 2020? The firm’s hourly rate will remain 5.00 for principals, and actual billing rates … Continue reading

Bellingham City Council

Action Taken at December 7, 2020 Meeting Shall the council: 223. Authorize the mayor to sign a ,000 settlement agreement with Moriah Ginn? When the body of Bradley Ginn, Sr. was waiting at a fire station to be transported to … Continue reading

Animals as Natural Therapy Serves Whatcom County

by Diana Meeks Editor’s Note: There are over 100 organizations in Whatcom County working to provide supportive services to those experiencing chronic poverty and its associated effects: addiction, homelessness, incarceration, mental illness, and unemployment. Whatcom Watch believes these organizations often … Continue reading

Protect State Trust Lands

by Conservation Northwest Staff Wild Northwest Action Alert #312: Ask your legislators to continue to fund and empower the Trust Land Transfer Program. Since 1989, the state of Washington has spent more than 0 million to protect about 128,000 acres … Continue reading

Whatcom Conservation District Election

An election for one seat on the Whatcom Conservation District board will be held on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Registered voters who have participated in previous Whatcom Conservation District elections do not automatically receive a ballot. Ballots must be requested … Continue reading

Whatcom Watch Featured on KING5 News

Recently, a staff person added Steve Bunin to the Whatcom Watch mailing list. Mr. Bunin usually anchors the noon news on Channel 5 in Seattle. A segment of the news show he anchors is called “Above the Fold,” which highlights … Continue reading


Boris Schleinkofer, poetrywatch editor “When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.” — … Continue reading