February 2018 (volume 27, issue 2)

Whatcom Land Trust Preserving and Protecting Whatcom County

by Lorraine Wilde For more than 34 years, Whatcom Land Trust (WLT) has been bringing people and businesses together to help preserve and protect the wildlife habitat, scenic, agricultural and open space lands of Whatcom County for future generations. By … Continue reading

BP Versus Northwest National Parks

This article originally appeared on the Sightline Institute website sightline.org and is reprinted with permission. What a Refinery Expansion in Whatcom County Means for Views in Cascadia Cascadia’s biggest oil refinery is angling to get even bigger. Yet BP’s proposed expansion … Continue reading

Owls in Whatcom County

by Joe Meche Whenever I think of birds and I’m pinned down to decide which of these remarkable creatures are the most fascinating, I always lean toward owls. I know from personal experience that I don’t just look at an … Continue reading

Ecosystem Out of Balance

by Lorraine Loomis All natural resources are connected and we are all connected to them, but most of those resources are not being managed as part of a larger whole, and that can lead to huge imbalances in this ecosystem … Continue reading

Whatcom County Council

Compiled by Barry MacHale Action Taken at December 5, 2017 Meeting Shall the council 236. Approve a substitute amendment with the Cascadia Law Group of Seattle to provide legal consultation and representation for the county? The original contract for ,000 … Continue reading

Port of Bellingham Commission

Action Taken at November 21, 2017 Meeting Shall the commission 145. Approve a lease with Lummi Fisheries Supply for approximately 104,000 square feet of warehouse premises at 1000 F Street? Lummi Fisheries currently leases approximately 77,000 square feet of warehouse … Continue reading

Bellingham City Council

Action Taken at December 11, 2017 Meeting Shall the council: 212. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement for Advanced Life Support Services with Whatcom County? Upon the passing of a countywide Emergency Medical Services levy in November 2016, staff … Continue reading

Candidates for Supervisor Whatcom Conservation District Board

The deadline for requesting a ballot is Wednesday, February 7, 2018, no later than 4 p.m. Registered voters that have participated in previous Whatcom Conservation District elections do not automatically receive a ballot. Mail-in ballots can be obtained on-line (http://www.whatcomcd.org/board-elections), … Continue reading

18th Human Rights Film Festival

The Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival offers the Bellingham community an annual 10-day film festival of powerful, thought-provoking films on the rights of people and Earth. The Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival is composed of volunteers whose primary goal is … Continue reading

Bellingham’s First
Cohousing Community

by Kate N. Nichols Cohousing is a unique way of bringing people together who want to live in a community designed to meet their needs. Bellingham Cohousing Group is one of about 200 groups in the United States that are … Continue reading

Clearing Up the Language

by Lyle Harris Sr. This section is devoted to studying the local impacts of specific issues the Trump Administration or Republican Congress will propose. Donald Trump used the term “shithole” countries then denied he had said it. But Sen. Dick … Continue reading

Single-Payer Is Not the Devil’s Healthcare

by Robert A. Duke What  does “single-payer healthcare really mean? Some say it is the future of healthcare, or the solution to reforming the existing healthcare monstrosity America has conjured into existence. I recently learned it was both and neither! … Continue reading

MD Q&A – Prescription Drugs

by Robert A. Duke Getting the healthcare you want can be as simple as asking your doctor what’s available. As to prescription (Rx) medications, patients most often search for lower cost options. That sounds simple enough, but it can be … Continue reading